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One of the most popular posts on this blog is the one that includes direct quotes from Carol Channing “admitting” to her blackness.  Actually, “part negro” is the way they put it back then.  Sign of the times, I’m sure.  What hasn’t changed is that people by and large are ignorant of Channing’s “blackness”.  I think maybe Carol’s a little ignorant about it herself after viewing this Wendy Williams interview in which Channing denies “it”, yet ultimately says she hopes “it’s” true.  Oh, the conflict.  I dug around for a little more info.  I came up with this gem.  Total rumor, but…

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Carol Channing and Diana Ross were secretly COUSINS



Carol Channing and Diana Ross were secretly COUSINS

My elderly neighbor, who lived in LA since childhood and spent decades working in entertainment has told me some scrazy stories, but the craziest is that Carol Channing and Diana Ross were actually cousins, and that Carol’s machinations were a big part of Diana’s ascension to lead status in the Supremes.

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Carol Channing had a black grandfather so it could be true.

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Channing’s from San Francisco and San Francisco lead the way with mixed marriages. They were all the same race marriages, just some white people marrying people not so white.

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The legs, the smile…they do look a alike.

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Channing with her parents:


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Channing’s only child, Channing Lowe:

carol and son, channing, 1965 house and garden september issue phot by john rawlings

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They both have the same smile, teeth, and large eyes.

evidence piling up:

Carol Channing Soul Sister

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On the “Diana Ross and The Supremes Greatest Hits” album, there is a liner note from Carol Channing commenting on her love for The Supremes.

speaking of golden…

Tonight’s the night!!  Ms. Betty White is hosting SNL and I am so freaking excited!  I joined the facebook group ages ago, so of course I feel personally responsible for this magical night of entertainment.  Actually, long before it was cool to love Betty White, I loved Betty White.  It all started with Rose.  I have such a soft spot for Rose, although I’m pretty sure that the novelty of her naivete would quickly wear off if we ever met face to face.  I think what drew me in was the fact that Betty White reminded me of my Grandma, who didn’t take too kindly to that at first.  I think I probably said that Rose reminded me of her, which my grandmother took to mean that I thought she was kinda dumb.  She isn’t.  And it wasn’t Rose, it was Betty.  So pretty and so funny.  I was too young to know anything about Password, or The Mary Tyler Moore Show, or anything Betty that pre-dated Rose.  All I’m trying to say is that since I was nine years old, I have been a fan of Betty White.  She loves dogs!  She loves games!  She’s really good at the games!  She’s hilarious, and though she plays cute and innocent very well, she has a totally raunchy sense of humor.  About ten years ago I discovered Match Game reruns.  That’s when I was struck by the comedic genius of Betty White.  I could barely believe that that woman would one day morph into my beloved Rose.  Then there’s the animal loving.  It is still one of my greatest desires to not only meet Betty White, but to introduce her to my dog.  I always thought that would be Indy and that she would just melt when she saw him, but that ship has sailed.  Now I think she’d get a kick out of Oscar because he is super-cute and super-funny.  I’m still hanging on to that dream.  I should probably head over to Rockefeller Center with the dog and spend today waiting for Betty White.  I’m not going to though.

who knew!?

Dean Martin Celebrity Roast of Betty White

lucky dogs!!

Mrs. Weezmer aka “Witch Lady” on My Name is Earl

Thank you, Betty White!! xoxo!

a little ironic

When I think of Alice in Wonderland I don’t initially picture the Walt Disney film.  In my opinion, the definitive adaptation is the 1985 tv movie musical version.  I LOVED that thing! I was obsessed for a time.  I recorded it and watched it over and over and over again.  The cast included Sammy Davis, Jr, Shelley Winters, Sherman Hemsley (sp?), Scott Baio, Red Buttons, Ringo Starr, Patrick Duffy, Beau and Lloyd Bridges, Pat Morita, Jonathan Winters, Sally Struthers, Ann Jillian, and…. Carol Channing as the “White” Queen!

Here are links to a few clips on youtube:




carol channing



In her autobiography, Just Lucky I Guess, the 81-year-old performer told the story of the day she learned that she is biracial.

She recalled that she was 16 years old and heading to college when her mother told her that she was “part Negro.”

“I’m only telling you this,” Channing recalls her mother, Peggy, saying, “because the Darwinian law shows that you could easily have a Black baby.”

Her mother continued by explaining Carol’s unique look. She told the doe-eyed performer that because of her heritage that was “why my eyes were bigger than hers (I wasn’t aware of this) and why I danced with such elasticity and why I had so many of the qualities that made me me.”

The revelation didn’t bother Channing, who said, “I thought I had the greatest genes in showbiz.”

George Channing, Carol’s father, was the son of a German American father and a Black mother. While still very young, his mother, who worked as a domestic, moved him and his sister from his birthplace of Augusta, GA, to Providence, RI, where she thought people would never recognize his “full features.”

Channing’s paternal grandmother didn’t raise her father and his sister because she “didn’t want anyone to see her around her children” because she was “colored,” the performer surmised.







Interview With Carol Channing

Aired November 27, 2002 – 21:00 ET


KING: Lets start early in that truth. Your father was black. 

CHANNING: No, he was not black. I wish I had his picture. He was — he was a — his skin was the color of mine. I don’t know maybe. Yes, it’s all right. Well any, no. My father — you read the tabloids, don’t you? 

KING: No, it says in my notes your beloved father, George Channing, a newspaper editor, renowned Christian Science lecturer listed as colored on his birth certificate.

CHANNING: Yes, and the place burned down, but nobody ever knew that. But I know it. Every time I start to sing or dance, I know it, and I’m proud of it.

KING: So he was black?

CHANNING: No, He had in — there was a picture in our family album and my grandmother said — I never saw them. My grandfather was Nordic German and my grandmother was in the dark. And they said no that was — she was — and I’m so proud of it I can’t tell you. When our champion gave me that last third (UNINTELLIGIBLE) on “Hello Dolly!” Again. No white woman can do it like I did. KING: So you’re proud of your mixed heritage?

CHANNING: Very, when I found out. I was 16-years-old and my mother told me. And you know, only the reaction on me was, Gee, I got the greatest genes in show business.

KING: Some people years ago discovering that might have been disturbed by it?

CHANNING: Yes, years ago because when I found out about it, you don’t want to do that.

KING: You don’t say it.

CHANNING: You don’t say it. There’s a lot of it down South.

KING: People are ashamed of it.

CHANNING: I’d proud of it.

KING: I’m glad to hear it. 

CHANNING: I really am. I mean look, what makes you, you? You don’t know. None of us knows our heritage. Not in the United States. 

KING: We’re all immigrants. 

CHANNING: Exactly, this is the changing face of America. I’m part of it. Isn’t it wonderful? 

KING: You damn right. 

CHANNING: I’m young again.


Tiffany: She’s proud, but she can’t name “it”….