ella and marilyn

I’m kind of freaking out about this.  As much as I love anyone that I’ve said that said that I love on this blog, I LOVE Ella Fitzgerald!  When it comes down to it, I would rate her #1 vocalist of all time.  A constant on the list of (dead) people I’d like to have dinner with/invite to a dinner party is Ella.  I had no idea about Marilyn!  I just found this story at http://donttouchmymoleskine.wordpress.com/2009/02/18/miguxas-3/



It’s 1955 and Marilyn Monroe is at the height of her fame. Despite this, she wants to be taken seriously as an artist, like the woman she most admires, jazz icon Ella Fitzgerald, who is also at the peak of her career.

Even though she can’t quite believe her own success, Ella wants more too. She wants the kind of fame Marilyn has. She wants to be in the movies. But to break into Hollywood , she needs to meet the ‘right’ people like the producers and money-men who frequent the ‘living-room of the stars’ Mocambo night club.

But Ella stands no chance of singing at the whites-only Mocambo…until Marilyn steps in and pulls strings like nobody else can!

These two iconic women – both outsiders – come together in an evening of raw emotion and great songs. A true but forgotten moment of American showbiz history re-enacted live on stage.

5 thoughts on “ella and marilyn

  1. thats an interesting story. thanks for sharing. i had no idea bout how Marilyn help Ella. I think it shows a side that some dont see of Ms Monroe.

  2. I love-love-love Ella Fitzgerald!!! Since I was very young. Her voice is just…breathtaking. She is INCREDIBLE. I love you for posting this and I had no idea that you were such a big fan of hers as well. I have always thought that Marilyn was one of those entertainers who was so misunderstood. Like Diana Ross. I’m so excited right now–Thank you!!

  3. I saw this play in London (2008) – I have always loved Marilyn and as soon as I heard Ella’s voice I fell in love with her also. I was looking forward to seeing this play, having already been aware of the relationship between the two women. However, I have to say I was thoroughly disappointed by Bonnie Greer’s portrayal of Marilyn, which wasn’t helped by the 50yr old actress that was playing the 29 year old Monroe and her caricature breathy voice!

  4. I am a huge Marilyn Monroe fan, and that is something I didnt know. =] Its a shocker, and I kind of judged Marilyn to be something that she wasnt in a way, i guess you can say. I know of all people I can not judge anyone, as much as I hate when others judge me. This was a good blog, I definately learned something new today.

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