a little ironic

When I think of Alice in Wonderland I don’t initially picture the Walt Disney film.  In my opinion, the definitive adaptation is the 1985 tv movie musical version.  I LOVED that thing! I was obsessed for a time.  I recorded it and watched it over and over and over again.  The cast included Sammy Davis, Jr, Shelley Winters, Sherman Hemsley (sp?), Scott Baio, Red Buttons, Ringo Starr, Patrick Duffy, Beau and Lloyd Bridges, Pat Morita, Jonathan Winters, Sally Struthers, Ann Jillian, and…. Carol Channing as the “White” Queen!

Here are links to a few clips on youtube: 









One of the best compliments I have ever received was from a nine or ten year old girl.  About seven years ago I attended the first birthday party of the daughter of a friend.  Even though I didn’t know many people there it was fun.  I met people.  One such person was the aforementioned little girl.  I spent a few minutes talking to her and then turned my attention to something else.  As I turned away she whispered to my friend, “She’s so pretty.  She looks like Alice in Wonderland.”  If I recall correctly the compliment was relayed to me later.  I was so excited.  Not because she thought I was pretty, but because I thought it was pretty amazing that this little girl (of color) could somehow see Alice in me.  And maybe in turn in herself.  I do enjoy that story, but I’ve never thought of myself as an Alice, nor have I aspired to be like her.  I am pretty curious.  I have a vivid imagination at times. I don’t know what that little lady saw in me that reminded her of this particular character, but I find it encouraging that in this world full of images of blond Alices, she found some semblance anyway and didn’t think it was too crazy a thought to voice.