anti-miscegenation 2009

Some of us haven’t come very far….

A recent picture on the cover of Go! magazine, a regular section in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch



The photo of a couple kissing corresponded to the story “The 7 Best Places To Smooch.” 

Many readers did not seem interested in the kissing locations.  They could not see past that insidious, hideous photo. Some reader comments:

From 1buschstadiumplz: “Haven’t read the story but dont like to see blacks and whites kissing;”

From taxpayer came this remark: ”This doesn’t surprise me at all. Libs take every opportunity they can to shove miscegnation in our faces. Now that TV has to show blacks in every commercial, notice that they are always posed beside a blonde woman. Not a brunette, a blonde. Its done for shock value. Sickening that a once proud newspaper would resort ot this. Joe Pulitzer is turning over in his grave in shame.”

Reader greggh tried a middle-of-the-road approach:  “I’m not judging the concept of biracial couples at all, but in a city as racially polarized as St. Louis, I’m shocked that the PD would go so out of its way to be so gratuitously provacative. This completely undercut the message of the article.” 

Source: St. Louis Post Dispatch

Gratuitously provocative?! And all that other stuff!? How can this be in this lovely “post-racial” society we’ve cultivated? Oh dear…

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Here are a few provocative photos I found on the internet. Viewer discretion is advised.