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  1. Greetings from Panama in Latin America. Have you ever thought of writing about mixed race relationships south of the border? Its quite a difference from what you guys in the States are used to.

    Take care

  2. What lovely families! This I believe is the perfection of society…when two different races decide to mix-blood and genes…then it is confirmed that they have accepted each other as equals! My family made the journey 1830-present. Please write for an invite to my Ancestral tree on Ancestry.com

  3. i have read about the picture in the mulatto diaries blog it was not unheard of 1the 1800’s for people to pass or br classified as whute even if they were mulatto,quadroons or octoroons those who did this were reasons to wscape oppression or to axquire better opprtunities for themselves both before and after the civil war during reconstruction. it was not impossible , for example read about how ellen craft and her husband had escaped slavery and went to england, it is still a shame that even today our society still is so race concious well nice blog have a great day bye

  4. Adorable families! I myself am mixed race (black mother, white father) along with my 2 brothers. Its funny because they look more “black” and I look Latina 🙂 but anyway I love seeing different races mix together creating beautiful children . My daughter is 1/4 white but she still carries the green eyes like me . I love it!

  5. wow it’s funny how people is not denying that those kids are not theirs but when it comes to michael jackson kids oh its not possible that he could have father them due to the skin color but im looking these white men with black women that have blacking kids but nobody says nothing about that what unfair world this is all b/c cause the man is famous his treated as if he isn’t human . i hate people sometimes

  6. Im glad i found this even tho its an old thread. My mother is mulatto and my father is German Norwegian.. I look nothing like my mom other then having weird eyes but im white with frizzy red hair and a slight tan glow but basically i am white….I have 3 brothers tho they have black eyes black hair and the cream colored milky way skin like my mother. Tho my youngest brother is A tan redhead. No one believes my mother is really my mother because of the extrema contrast in our skin. And for some reason being a redhead means i am not myself mix I am a quarter native American with Lebonease and African American with English /French on my mothers side..Point making is just cause someone looks one way really does not mean they are..I married a full blooded Oglala Sioux and some how my kids have Bright blue eyes when we both have dark eyes. It happens recessive Genes and I say mulatto babies and people are the most beautiful because we all have the best of each race in our genes. I may not be tan but i dont burn that easy. LOL

  7. None of the children pictured above look white, though. It’s pretty obvious that they are of mixed race. But the families are indeed beautiful.

    Some people have seen me with my mother and it seemed like they didn’t believe that we could be related, which is dumb because I don’t look THAT different from her. She is biracial (her father was white, mother was black with some Indian blood directly from India). She was very fair and looked mostly white as a young woman. Now at nearly 60, her skin has darkened a bit and it is more obvious that she is mixed.

    My skin is very, very light (pretty much white) and I guess this is part of what confuses people sometimes.

    I guess the way a person looks is strictly down to genes and the roll of the dice. My mom thought I would possibly turn out having blue eyes like my paternal grandparents, since they both had blue eyes, but mine are dark brown.

    Halle Berry’s daughter Nahla is nearly more white than black, but she still doesn’t look completely white. Another interesting notion is the movie “Imitation of Life”…the biracial character Sara Jane looks white but her mother is a very dark-skinned Black woman. I think sometimes people believe that there is only one way for biracial/multiracial people to look, and that it always leans towards the supposedly more “dominant” Black genes, which isn’t true at all.

    And they also tend to treat Black women with very fair-skinned children like they are the child’s nanny, whereas I’ve never heard of this being done to white women. Maybe this is because some people don’t understand how biology works or perhaps it is because relationships between white women and Black men are more common as opposed to the other way around. So when some ignorant people see a Black woman with a very white-looking child, they are confused because they can’t imagine how that could be possible.

  8. No e of those woman ha e white children. Alone they look like black mothers with light skinned children. I’m a mixed looking child from two black parents. Bi-racial people are so dramatic.

  9. I hope you’ll keep coming back to enjoy the show! Thanks for your time and input.

  10. hi, the james evans family, the wife is half white and black. Look at her hair very straight and nose. She probably was saved and when he brought her out of the house cleaning and serving for white people l know that she is happy. She was a free women, She had probably two young to have children or none. His wife probably died. She took care of those children. She loves him and happy to be in this picture showing other whites and blacks people. Hay Iam a free women. A black, half-white woman that and love s my family. In this picture she is making a statement that she is a strong, caring, beautiful loving women living in this time that hatred is in the land. In the future my family and his family will be blessed for what I done blessed this family not cursed it.

  11. Those kids are not white at all. Congrats on ruining your entire genetic legacy. Thousands of years of evolution, thrown down the crapper, you would have been better off hanging yourself to be honest.

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