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While searching for photos of black women with long, long hair I stumbled upon this great flickr photostream entitled BlackWomen  Some of the photos have biographical info.  Maybe I’ll post some from time to time.
















africa-for-christ1sash reads “Africa for Christ”

19 thoughts on “vintage black women

  1. The 2 women at the top and the one beside the lady with the camera are NOT Black. They would be Mulattoes or Creoles. Sure as hell theu=y did not call themselves Black! The 1 drop rule is strictly political and applies mostly in America. Leave that early 20 th century back there in the past.

  2. mulattoes, creoles,whatever the hell u want to call them are black…black people don’t want to admit their african roots because they are dissatisfied with themselves, as yourself robelto…hispanics and latinos tend to do the same thing…it is ignorant

  3. Robelto

    Happy you got that off your chest? Good.

    Now, if a person was Orange and identified themselves as Black so be it, so what, and who cares? And we know about the one drop rule as applied in America, so no need to attempt to give us a history lesson. Also, if you want to get technical the woman beside the woman with the camera was identified as Black and Native American.

    The subject of race always brings out heated debates which is a good thing. At least it gets people talking.

  4. These photos are radiant. I especially love the eyes of the woman photographer – she’s truly ‘seeing’.

  5. We’re all from the same “race” human “race” and we come in such a variety of color and various outside appearances which are simply just superficial and environmental.

    The whole issue of skin color and giving names to our “race” is completely unnecessary. However, it’s about cultural, what makes us think and tick the way we do.

    My mother is a black woman, her mother and as far back as the beginning our our roots go…we have African DNA. Along the way , there have been other genetic entries into our DNA that reflect a more european look,however, I never wondered who I was, or had issue with my skintone, but others have made reference to the lighter tone of my skin. I never questioned my African heritage, my cultural heritage.

    It’s about the values we inherit, not the damn tone of your skin.

  6. I hope you do not mind but I used one of your photos on my site – the group of vintage black women.

    I have been contacted through my site by a lady whose grandmother knows all of the people in the photo. I gave her your link, hopefully she will be in touch

    Madness of the World

  7. Robelto makes a good point about the 1 drop rule. I agree that it should be left behind.

    I love the pictures. They all look so beautiful and the dresses are gorgeous.

    No one is of a “pure” race…even if they seem to be. Some of the ladies were obviously biracial or multiracial.

    The Black/Native woman is very striking. That photo appears to have been taken in the late 1800’s-early 1900’s. She looks more Native American to me, but I can still see a hint of African.

    The woman with the camera has a very soft, gentle look. So classy.

    The two girls at the top are beautiful with an innocence that is rarely found today. Both are angelic, with those sweet faces and flowing curls and old-fashioned dresses.

    The lady at the bottom is a refined Nubian sista. I like her natural hair and her smile as she is looking off into the distance. She looks like she is deep in thought.

    Tiff…I really like this. Thanks! 🙂

  8. They are Black. Negros…. I wish you monkeys would stop hating yourselfs..You give us whites a reason to hate you… Every one of those pics had blacks.

  9. Bradley…go kill yourself. Slowly and painfully. The only “monkey” here is YOU.

    If you hate so-called “Negros” so much, then why would you come to a biracial woman’s site where she has pictures of “black” women? Hmm…were you looking for pornographic images of Black women? Because you racists claim to hate minority women, but you fantasize about us when no one is looking.

    It makes no sense. Obviously, your “whiteness” makes you special in your delusional mind. Most “black” people don’t care if you hate them. I don’t give a damn. Contrary to what some white people believe, the world does NOT revolve around you.

    I’m biracial and I look white…probably whiter than you. I have blond, blue-eyed, lily-white people in my family. My husband is a white man. My relatives also include brown-skinned “black” folks.

    I don’t hate myself and I don’t feel that Blackness is something to be ashamed of. Unfortunately, some black people do hate themselves and that is because of racists like you. You are so convinced of your superiority and that somehow being “white” makes you somebody special.

    This attitude is what enabled the white people before you to rape, murder, steal, and plunder without remorse. They felt the same way you do…that “non-whites” were beneath them and that it was their duty to enslave or exterminate anyone who stood in the way of them having what they felt entitled to. This is a common pattern with racists like you, this sense of entitlement. You believe that you deserve to rule the world and everyone in it.

    It is pathetic to start off the New Year with hate towards other people, especially pictures of women who have been dead for centuries.

    I enjoy visiting Tiff’s site but I do not appreciate racists coming in here to corrupt what should be a safe space. So, Brad…how about you join your buddies over at Stormfront where you can indulge in your hatred of “monkeys”? This is not the place.

    I know it’s tough, living in that filthy trailer and having sex with your obese illiterate cousin, but there is hope…

  10. They do all look of color, and with variances as to the amount of african (as some of them look pure african).

    This blog is so funny. Race is always a BUZZ topic, and changes we learn more about ourselves as a human race evolving (meaning travelling our blood lines).

    The irony that makes africans so dynamic is that you can not get darker than a pure african (decent is sublevel of that …….. it is at times like making coffee, you put milk in it and its not pure black coffee anymore but still coffee is there…..)

    the irony that makes europeans (whites) so dynamic is that you can not get lighter than a white person. (same analogy, you put coffee in milk and it is no longer milk ….perhaps tastier—smile— but my point is: that all of the fotos of those women had coffee in it and some look pure black coffee ———-

    BOTH have their beauty, the key is to stay true to yourself, no matter what race. The bradley fellow is just spouting what he has been taught as a result of greed (superiority complex is nothing more than greed, you want to be the “only one” of gods children…. and it is not only insane but impossible for all whites to be superior. Just as it is impossible for all blacks to be superior. It is a mirage.

    Some groups might lead in civilization such as the ancient Egyptians … etc. and this is where a few whites get it twisted, Europe did succeed in becomming a civilization powerhouse, but it was not thru people like Bradley (he is a reflection of what he spouts).

    and it is the few like him (bradley) who are just dead inside, no matter what color. rather transparent!Cinnamondiva makes very viable points, and has the multi cultural expertise to share.

    Africa is such a vast land, educating race is an art, with many vast colors, yet white and black being the bore. There is so much more to race than just white or black.

    Europe has many pretty differences, yet share a common ground. And Africa is so vast, yet share a beauty: color is just amazing.

    I mean a God-given tan who can ask for more!

  11. Beautiful women, especially the three at the top: the two vintage pics and the one waaaayyy at the top, the lovely eyes . . 😀 ♥

  12. I love the pictures of the ladies lined up holding hands…After reading all the other comments..this picture clarifies the problems that we can’t look past!

    Kay @LoveNWright

  13. Indeed, I too enjoyed this site.And the women are all beautiful,I’ve always been curious about Mulattos,I saw a very beautiful lady over in Opelousas,Louisiana when I was 18 years of age,I thought she was the most beautiful person I had ever seen.I think she was called “High Yellow” back then.Until then,I had never known that there was a race of half white-half black people.
    I especially enjoyed reading the comments.Yes,it’s true,we’re all from the human race.If we go back far enough,we can see that we all derived from Adam and Eve,with no exception,not even Bradley.So if we hate others,we are hating our own brothers(in a sense).

  14. All of these women are so beautiful and strong. I’m not black but have studied black history and love love love to see these beautiful women. There is beauty in all races. God isn’t partial. He created us all equal.

  15. When I was a child we watched cowboy shows on tv . When we went outside to play cowboys ,and Indians, nobody wanted to be an Indian. I am from central Louisiana, and as I grew older I wondered what happened to the native american people of that area. I found out that they were killed for the land they possessed. They attempted to escape persecution, and genocide by claiming to be of African descent ie. negros. One day in researching my family geniology , I discovered that my family were part of that native american bloodline. I had asked where are the Indians only to discover that I am genetically at least in part native american. Now that is one heck of a mind trip for a person whose race is recorded as colored on his birth certificate! So now what am I ?

  16. It does not matter whether you are Mulatto, Creole, part Indian or whatever. If you are part black, you are black. The truth is that there is no genetic distinction in race. Race is a social construction that was created by white people to distinguish themselves from people of color who they considered subordinate to themselves. Later, they searched for a genetic marker that would prove their theory. So far, as they have completely deciphered the human genome, they have not found that distinctive genetic marker. We are all the same race, human. Yes, there are some differences in skin color, but that does not make one race superior to the other. Skin is skin whether it be black or white. We need to stop comparing our skin color and hair to those of other races and just appreciate ourselves for who and what we are. The shame of our appearance is one thing that holds us back. Too often we think that we would be better if only we were white or more like white people. You would think that after all of the successful black athletes, politicians (Obama), doctors, lawyers, models, actors, etc., that we would realize that our skin color is not what is holding us back. The problem is only in our minds.

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