One of the best compliments I have ever received was from a nine or ten year old girl.  About seven years ago I attended the first birthday party of the daughter of a friend.  Even though I didn’t know many people there it was fun.  I met people.  One such person was the aforementioned little girl.  I spent a few minutes talking to her and then turned my attention to something else.  As I turned away she whispered to my friend, “She’s so pretty.  She looks like Alice in Wonderland.”  If I recall correctly the compliment was relayed to me later.  I was so excited.  Not because she thought I was pretty, but because I thought it was pretty amazing that this little girl (of color) could somehow see Alice in me.  And maybe in turn in herself.  I do enjoy that story, but I’ve never thought of myself as an Alice, nor have I aspired to be like her.  I am pretty curious.  I have a vivid imagination at times. I don’t know what that little lady saw in me that reminded her of this particular character, but I find it encouraging that in this world full of images of blond Alices, she found some semblance anyway and didn’t think it was too crazy a thought to voice.



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