The memorial is about to start.  I still can’t believe this is happening.  I have been listening to MJ non-stop.  Still watching everything they’re offering on tv.  This video is probably my favorite tribute I’ve come across so far…

I also came across some of Nancy Malnick’s personal photos of Michael at parties and family gatherings.  These are from a ’70s themed party she and her husband Al threw…




I love those pictures so much for some reason.  It’s the first time I’ve thought “He’s so cute” of the ‘white’ Michael Jackson.

This week “The Girl is Mine” has emerged as one of my top 3 Michael songs.  I keep listening to it over and over.  Maybe because it sounds like it could be a duet in a musical.  Now I want to write a musical with MJ music.  I’m sure someone more qualified than I has almost finished such a project.  I hope so.


Time to watch the big send off. I so wish I could be there. I am in spirit. So is Michael.