totally funny

… to me anyway.  it’s a travel day… best i can do… p.s. the mistakes i find the funniest from f you, auto correct lean toward x-rated, so i only put a few tame ones on here… should you feel so inclined, go to the actual website for the more humorous blunders…

When Parents Text

Here Doth

MOM: Come to mama
ME: …what?
MOM: I am here. just trying to be creative. it was between that and here doth am i where for art thou

Sure is!

ME: Ok thanks dad! ❤
DAD: What is that? a butt with a cone?

Leftover crackers

ME: i got the package with my charger in it today. thanks for the shoes! that was a nice surprise!
MOM: You’re welcome. Did you notice the leftover crackers we put in there?
ME: umm yeah…
MOM: Well no one here was going to eat them


ME: Mom, can I please have $20? I’ll pay you back.
MOM: u always say that and u dont. Youre stealing from me.
ME: Please! I said i’d pay you back!!
MOM: Thief.
ME: Are you serious?

Sum Luv

MOM: sumtimes i think i luv u more than u luv me.
ME: Mom, are you drinking again?
MOM: jst sum coffee.
3 minutes later…
MOM: with sum bailys. do u luv me??

Sandwiches for Dinner

ME: Whats for dinner
DAD: sandwiches
(5 minutes later)
DAD: who is this?

F You, Auto Correct

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