totally funny

… to me anyway.  it’s a travel day… best i can do… p.s. the mistakes i find the funniest from f you, auto correct lean toward x-rated, so i only put a few tame ones on here… should you feel so inclined, go to the actual website for the more humorous blunders…

When Parents Text

Here Doth

MOM: Come to mama
ME: …what?
MOM: I am here. just trying to be creative. it was between that and here doth am i where for art thou

Sure is!

ME: Ok thanks dad! ❤
DAD: What is that? a butt with a cone?

Leftover crackers

ME: i got the package with my charger in it today. thanks for the shoes! that was a nice surprise!
MOM: You’re welcome. Did you notice the leftover crackers we put in there?
ME: umm yeah…
MOM: Well no one here was going to eat them


ME: Mom, can I please have $20? I’ll pay you back.
MOM: u always say that and u dont. Youre stealing from me.
ME: Please! I said i’d pay you back!!
MOM: Thief.
ME: Are you serious?

Sum Luv

MOM: sumtimes i think i luv u more than u luv me.
ME: Mom, are you drinking again?
MOM: jst sum coffee.
3 minutes later…
MOM: with sum bailys. do u luv me??

Sandwiches for Dinner

ME: Whats for dinner
DAD: sandwiches
(5 minutes later)
DAD: who is this?

F You, Auto Correct

FUAC is a site dedicated to all those embarrassing funny auto-correct texts from iphones. – Welcome to F You, Auto Correct. Enjoy your infamy!



5 thoughts on “totally funny

  1. Umm…so i will never ever for the rest of my life text the heart symbol ever again!! Omg! That caught me off guard. LMAO!!!

  2. Tiff,
    This is Roshini of I looked for a ‘contact me’ link but couldn’t find it. I recently mad some changes to my blog domain and will be phasing out the subdomain “” in the upcoming months. To that end, can you update your blogroll link to be I’d really appreciate it! Oh and I still super miss your vlogs :*( waaaaa. Thanks, ~ ini

  3. Wow, you’re pretty. And not just the pic of your eyes at the top of the blog, but I clicked on your vlog as well. Very beautiful lady.

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