i’ve been in bed sick today.  i was prepared to blog something substantial, but i’ve fallen prey to a nyquil hangover and just can’t get my brain going at full speed.  that stuff should be illegal.  anyway, this is all i can muster.  a dose of cute goes a long way, too.

When photographer Daniel Borris first started his Yoga Dogs series, he had a feeling that it would catch on but he couldn’t expect that people from all over the world would eventually see it. “The photos have been written about in magazines from India to Russia and Brazil,” he tells us…. His follow-up series to Yoga Dogs was Yoga Cats and then Yoga Puppies and Kittens. (We’re showing Yoga Kittens today.) If you’re wondering where Borris gets his furry felines from, they’re members of The Animal Defense League. “They’re great to work with,” Borris says. “We give them a big plug in the calendar and book and we’re happy that they use the calendars for some fundraising.”- VIA

A cat and a rainbow. What’s not to love? “The photo of Wendy was just a total lucky shot I caught while trying to photograph a rainbow on the wall behind her that the acrylic chair creates,” says Kat Miss of For Me, For You. “She turned and yawned just at the right moment. I laughed so hard when I looked down at the photo I had just taken.”- VIA

in other totally unimportant news, i read today that Katy Perry’s cat’s name is Kitty Purry… brilliant! to the best of my knowledge, the above is not a photo of kitty purry.