this is not ok

The picture is super-cute.  It’s totally o.k.  One could come up with adorable captions.  However, half of the “cleverly cavalier commenters” offered up offensive ones.  It almost pains me to say that I assume (which we all know is a stupid thing to do… ass-u-me) that these smart a**es are privileged white kids tooling around on their macbook pros feeling quite awesome and funny while totally oblivious to… well, i don’t know exactly what… to everything?



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machofinger -BEST- 33 points: 2 days ago
soo…do i give you my wallet now or ten years later?
MichaelPorter 10 points : 2 days ago

That’s actually a pretty culturally-artistic picture.

RyFro 7 points : 19 hours ago

yo dawg, we got those flintstones. Orange $5, Purple $10, Red $15.

joshtherealist 6 points : 1 day ago

no i didnt enslave your great grandparents! no i wont give you my back pack.. stop blaming me for everything i wasnt around for!!!

jokesonpics 2 points : 18 hours ago

Can you take this bag through customs for me girls? Dont worry theres nothing illegal in it.

kuroi 2 points : 2 days ago

Watching ‘The Wire’ makes this picture funnier, to me.

edarruda 1 point : 2 hours ago

Were you made at night?

tmonster 1 point : 22 hours ago