this is not ok

The picture is super-cute.  It’s totally o.k.  One could come up with adorable captions.  However, half of the “cleverly cavalier commenters” offered up offensive ones.  It almost pains me to say that I assume (which we all know is a stupid thing to do… ass-u-me) that these smart a**es are privileged white kids tooling around on their macbook pros feeling quite awesome and funny while totally oblivious to… well, i don’t know exactly what… to everything?



Rated Comments:
machofinger -BEST- 33 points: 2 days ago
soo…do i give you my wallet now or ten years later?
MichaelPorter 10 points : 2 days ago

That’s actually a pretty culturally-artistic picture.

RyFro 7 points : 19 hours ago

yo dawg, we got those flintstones. Orange $5, Purple $10, Red $15.

joshtherealist 6 points : 1 day ago

no i didnt enslave your great grandparents! no i wont give you my back pack.. stop blaming me for everything i wasnt around for!!!

jokesonpics 2 points : 18 hours ago

Can you take this bag through customs for me girls? Dont worry theres nothing illegal in it.

kuroi 2 points : 2 days ago

Watching ‘The Wire’ makes this picture funnier, to me.

edarruda 1 point : 2 hours ago

Were you made at night?

tmonster 1 point : 22 hours ago


5 thoughts on “this is not ok

  1. This is what happens when adults “intervene” when it’s not needed. A beautiful message is twisted into something ugly.

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  3. This picture is nice. If we all interact with different people at such an early, age, perhaps we will be more accepting when we meet these people later on in life.

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