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  1. I read and watch Roseanne at the same time! Since I saw them all the first time around when they were on in the 80’s, that makes it easier. (The early shows, btw, were the best. Saw one last night that had Roseanne’s first husband, Bill Pentland, in a minor role as one of Dan’s friends.)

  2. that’s a great idea! i’ve seen all of the ones they run on tvland at least 5 times in the last few months, so i could totally read at the same time 🙂

    was the one you saw last night the one where roseanne bet dan and his friends that they couldn’t fix his truck by 4pm or something like that? love it!!

  3. Yes! You do know your Roseanne! It’s also the one where Dan’s friend Dwight (who thinks he’s a real ladies’ man) tells Jackie he’d like to “pop her hood.”

    I like to watch “The Nanny”, too, on Nick at Night. And my absolute favorite is “Mama’s Family”, which isn’t on anywhere right now, sorry to say. I’ve seen all of them a million times but never get tired of Vicki Lawrence as Thelma Harper.

  4. WTG! I’ve been without a t.v. for about 5 years now, but I still watch shows on hulu (which is just as bad). I find now that when I spend more than an hour watching shows it makes me feel so drained, but when I spend the day doing something else I feel so much better…and I get more done too!

    I hope you keep it going.

    Love your blog

    (Mother of a mullata)

  5. lol! I love the comments. I too have been without TV for the past 6 years. This summer my husband got cable to watch the World Cup. Having TV again has reaffirmed my distain for it! I’m such a slave to it. I can’t wait for the World Cup to end so everything can go back to the way things were: quiet, reading, talking, and eating at the table!

    P.s. Tiffany, you are such a positive part of my day! Thanks.

  6. @TTPT- i never got into the nanny, but much to my mother’s chagrin, i did enjoy mama’s family. at one time when i was really young mama’s family would be followed by win, lose, or draw during the day. lots of vicki lawrence! that was a good hour 🙂

    @tami- i doubt it, even though “darlene” is on it this season 🙂

    @anna and bethany- i admire you both for going commando in terms of television!! and maybe even more than that i appreciate your support and including me in your day! that goes for tami and ttpt, too… and anyone else who scrolls through here!

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