4 thoughts on “don’t really care what color they have

  1. if you took this test to India or Latin America the results would be the same. Especially in India, the skin bleaching capitol of the world. In India skin bleaching is a billion dollar industry and all of the major cosmetic companies are there selling skin whitening products. Have you seen the Bollywood actresses? They are all half white or nearly white because Indian producers and directors will not put a brown or dark actor/actress in a movie. The self hate in india is rampant and acceptable way of life.

  2. wow! I notice that the darker children was the ones that thought lighter skin was better. I come to found out that it doesn’t take place in the household, it takes place in the schools. I’m not biracial, I’m an african american female and my mother use to always tell me what beautiful peanut butter skin color I have. My other 5 sibilings also are different shades of dark and light. My mother told us we were beautiful all the time. One day when I was in the 7th grade this girl whose darker than me told me I was “black”, I really didn’t undersatnd what she meant. seriously. I asked her and she said she was refering to my skin color. I didn’t understand why but to this day I’ve notice these things. just tragic. self love starts in the heart.

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