notes to self

in an attempt to exorcise my grief, so this blog doesn’t become an ode to sorrow or a memorial for my Indy, i’m gonna put into this one post the things i need to know right now.  so, if you’re having a hard time too…  if it doesn’t feel like christmas… if you’ve lost something or someone dear to you…  if that’s ripped a hole in your universe… maybe one of these things will resonate with you too.  if not, please come back tomorrow and hopefully it’ll be biracial business as usual over here.


One thought on “notes to self

  1. Aww honey…I felt this way when I had to give away my first (and only) dog, Baby…I moved into an apartment and had to give her away…I cried my eyes out. I can’t imagine the pain you’re going through. I had Baby from puppthood…she was mixed like me…we have no idea what she was, but it didn’t matter cause she was mine. I hope you feel better!

    Angel 0=)

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