long hair




When I was little I wanted Crystal Gayle’s hair.  I found it fascinating, maybe miraculous.  No disrespect to Ms. Gayle, but doesn’t appeal to me much these days.  I do find these vintage photographs interesting tho.



















Do you imagine that this was some kind of club?

8 thoughts on “long hair

  1. Where do you find this stuff???

    You have too much time on your hands… Perhaps it’s time for you to get involved in Karaoke… (note to self- find an online Karaoke site for Tiffany Jones). Time for you to post a video showing those singing abilities.

    Let’s make it a bet…. whatever you choose. But if you lose… you sing (and we choose the song). If you win, then you are immune for 1 year.

    Off topic:

    Have you seen the story about the mixed Baby genius Elise Tan Roberts? Youngest member of Mensa at age 2.

  2. Dear Tiffany. Keep the blogs going!! I mean, yeah sure–we want to hear you sing @ some point and I’m sure that you will…I also read about the 2 yr old “genius” but I did not know that she was mixed. Also, the special “talents” that she has are pretty much the same things that my child was doing at those very same ages so…IDK. It’s all about exposure, I guess. It’s an interesting story tho. 🙂

    This was wayyyy off the topic of long hair. Long day–time to go to bed, LOL!

  3. goodness that is some long hair. wow. i agree with tami and the angry independent. would love to hear u sing tiff one day. 🙂

  4. The last pic is of sisters. I don’t remember their name, but they were with the Barnum and Bailey circus, I believe.

  5. I have heard a glimpse of your singing ability, Tiff. So I do believe in what you say about your claim to singing. But it would be a real treat to hear you in full bloom! BTW, you’ve got lovely eyes!! Hope things are working out for you. . . God bless!!!!!!

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