flesh tone line



“As far as color correction is concerned, all people are basically the same ‘color’ when you define color in terms of hue angle. The variation in our ‘skin color’ is a really variation in tone, or relative lightness-darkness value of the human hue. We all line up on the same line on a vectorscope, this line is called the ‘Flesh Tone Line’ or FTL and its on most vectorscopes.”

So someone with dark skin:

Is the same hue as someone with light skin:

We all line up along that line:

It makes sense though, right?


Our skin ‘color’ is largely determined by the amount of the pigment melanin, and blood present in our skin. Melanin and blood color are the same color in all humans, its just the amount and relationship between the two that determine our tone. 

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2 thoughts on “flesh tone line

  1. Once again…I must be just tired, but one of those guys resembles B-Matt. Alot!

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