heidi and seal

I heart them.


From Us Weekly May 4th

Do you talk with the kids about having a biracial family?

“If being biracial ever comes up in school, then we would definitely talk about it. And I do think they see the different colors.  Leni(almost 5) did this wonderful painting hanging in our kitchen of our family. It’s Seal, who she painted really dark. Then me, kind of white with a sparkle dress on. And she made herself exactly like me, and she has a crown on with a sparkle dress. And then is Henry, who is not as dark as Papa, so she chose a different brown pencil. And there is Johan, who has a different brown pencil. So it’s not like she says, ‘Oh, they are different,’ but I see that she sees it. I don’t think it’s a big deal.”


Click HERE for pics of the new baby!

76 thoughts on “heidi and seal

  1. Heidi Klum must have some psichiatric problem…
    Why such a cute woman, who relies her career fortune on her blondness and european traits doesn’t feel the need to have children like her or her parents is a mystery.
    Let’s see the picture of Heidi with “her” (??? he could be adopted) mulatto son:
    crispy hair,big lips , black eyes where you can’t see the iridis, large nose. This child has no traits from her mother!!
    All her beauty was wasted.
    Let’s hope no other sick women will have brain problems like her…otherwise let’s wait for a future of ugly mulattos!

  2. Alex is obviously a racist, who believes that it’s acceptable to ramble ignorant microaggressions. In addtion, Seal (big nose, lips and all) is clearly doing something that you can not. Lol. Loser.

  3. This kind of stuff (bi-racial families) are quickly becoming not so much a big deal.
    Mother Nature is obviously keeps the mix going on to genetically protect the planet with love.
    The future generations of Heidis and Seals won’t even get a blink, and the people of then will wonder what was all the fuss discussed by the people of now.

  4. hi – i was just googling ‘heidi klum’ for no particular reason, and through a few clicks found myself at this site. i’m white – insofar as skin-colour matters, which i’d hope it does less and less – and i can’t believe the old-fashioned venom, stupidity and bigotry of alex’s remarks.

    plus alex, for all his/her sense of superiority, can’t spell: there’s a ‘y’ in ‘psychiatric’.

    i normally never send messages out into the blue like this: but alex’s racism really did seem to require a response.

  5. Poor Kids, have to be chased around by the Paparazzi for life now….Think, before having children if you’re Rich and Famous.

  6. I’m so jealous cause I do definitly believe that Heidi Klum’s family is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. I am also grateful to her cause Germany is such a racist country…she went trought all of the stupidity of the society just because of love…and you can see her : she is enloved, she is happy, she has perfect kids and a lovely husband… finally, she got the dream of a lot of people cause she was so smart to find the right guy. You are so great Heidi, we love you so much 🙂

  7. Hi,

    @ Barbara: thank you for calling us Germans racists. There are much more people in the US… and everybody knows! How many German people did you meet so far who made you think like you do?
    Please think before you doom a whole country.

    In Germany Heidi’s got a great prestige for what she has reeched occupationally and how she shows the world that only love matters – and not color!
    And, her German habits like hard working, always being in time, being open-hearted are these attributes getting her there where she is now!

    Love from Munich,


  8. Alex has some serious insecurity issues, should crawl back in your time machien and go back to the 50’s. On an ethical level we all have the right to be with you we want and if anyone chose the person they’rd create children with soley on looks, they’d be a shallow ass and unfit parents. he kids are loved and it’s the new mixing and on a scientific note since Alex felt the need to brign genetics into it, it’s the blending of our races that will create a genetically stronger human race with new traits, new abilities, new looks and prevent the issues that come from the same group breeding over and over again (ie: disease, inbreeding, low immunity, lower brain activity, etc…like inbred dogs). Get over yourself alex, heidi & seal are beautifula people with beautiful children, but I guess they can’t help it jealous people like yourself exist.

  9. The comments made about Alex are racist. Time to wake up that there is more to people than labels. I hope you expose yourself to more cultures and diversity. Learn to love yourself for the real you along with people who are not like you.

  10. The comments made by Alex are racist. Time to wake up that there is more to people than labels. I hope you expose yourself to more cultures and diversity. Learn to love yourself for the real you along with people who are not like you.

  11. comments made by Alex are not racists you idiots, he just expressed his view, and his view is just like my view…

    This is a fucked-up “family”, very ugly and stupid one !

    But brain-washed asses watching MTV don’t realize the truth…

    Greetings and Siktir Git !






  12. They are just wonderful and beautiful!!!
    Like my love to my dearest honey who is a mulatton, too. and one day we will have beautiful babies, too. And we are in GERMANY!!!

  13. Mulattos and biracial kids are the most beautiful people in the world. The world is becoming more mixed every single day, thank God. I feel sorry for the haters and ignorant people like Alex. You must be very, very unhappy. Get used to the new world.

  14. Though I do believe everyone has their own opinions, saying children are ugly based on one ethnicitie’s traits is so offensive its sick. I am bi-racial, black and white, and never been more proud with celebrities like Heidi and Seal. I’m not saying they are paving the road for muliti-racial couples or anything, but its beautiful when people choose to start a family with the one they love and not base it on what society wants/thinks. In america, there are SO many muliti-ethnic induviduals out there its hard to find people who are just ONE “race”. And thats not a bad thing, it really isnt. I dont see where Alex is coming from saying mean things about people he doesnt even know. I’m sixteen (16) years old and seem to be more open minded than a bunch of people in this world. Why are we sitting here passing judgement on a loving family, who are just trying to live there lifes?

  15. I love mixed of races. Im from Brazil and it is very normal over here, therefore, we are considered one of most beautiful and sexy people in the world.
    I cant see any problem on mixing races and I suppose would be great to put together totally different gene.

    So go on you guys
    [Heidi and Seal]

  16. Alex is such a disgusting racist.
    If he believes that Seal’s “crispy hair and big lips” are ugly, just think that it was Seal’s features that got him a beautiful, NON RACIST, wife that loves him and loves her children.
    Alex is such a loser…

  17. I am glad the majority of the comments are not from ALEX, obviously very disturbed, get with the times. I also love the blending of races and if you read history, especially US history, you will understand just how wonderful people of color are, and how they suffered and may continue to when they hear stupid shit like Alex’s comments. GO HEIDI, LOVE is pure and should not be bound by ignorance, nor fear of “not looking European”. I am Italian and over there they love black people, and celebrate diversity.

  18. Such hateful comments from Alex and Melek. Those may be your opinions, but didn’t your mother ever teach you, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all?” Heidi and Seal are two beautiful people who have done much to make this world a better place. What have you done?

  19. Where do you come across calling Heidi stupid. She has a wonderful husband and beautiful kids. Thats whats important in the world to be happy. I am a product of a mixed family. My blood has Irish, Italian, African American, and Native American in it. I am beautiful just like I am and I know that love is blind. You love with your heart. Its people like you Alex that are so narrow minded that they will teach their kids negativity thoughts. This is why the country will not change. Grow up and let everyone live their own lives and don’t judge.



  20. HAHAHAHA!! Alex what grade did you actually get to in school? Did you mean “psychiatric” ?? Also, if Heidi’s has a mulatto “son” shouldn’t it be “there are no traits from “HIS” mother?? Dude, did you actually read your post before you submitted. It’s bad enough that you sound like a ignorant bigot, but your also a MORON!!! If I had the choice of being a child of Seal and Heidi or you…I’d choose them over your stupid dumb ass. Go smoke some more weed in your single wide and wait on your welfare check you redneck trash.

  21. Dear Alex,

    First of all, I am African or black as you may call it. I love Heidi. She is not only beautiful, but also clever enough to have divorced her first and second (European) husbands who were certainly not enough for her. She married and has changed her surname to take the one of this “mulatto” as you refer to it.
    Does her the daughter in any way look like Heidi? I dont think so. The boys would not have their beautiful choclate colour and fuzzy hair were it not for a mixture of genes. You will be surprised how many physical characters they have taken from their mum.
    But that is not the point, you are obviously a racist. There are many people like you in Germany and USA as well. I am sure so many people fall in love with someone from a different race, but give in to pressures of issues of what other people will say if they discover their husband is especially black.
    For sure, Heidi will live a much happier life that you who spends time contemplating who is marrying who that is not from the “right” race. I find interracial children beautiful. You most probably aren’t even handsome and would be the one spoiling the gene broth in such a situation. You are also most probably on of those people that see a black person and move away intentionally. Just leaves me thinking that the person has quite a lot of personal problems.

  22. Very interesting that anyone who isn’t brainwashed by the new world order must be a very disturbed person. I want to have English children so that we continue to exist as a distinct people. I also find her children ugly but that doesn’t say anything about them as people, just that I am not attracted to Africans or mulattoes in general. Although our communist regimes are trying to suppress them, some people still have opinions – and I have no problem if a black man had said the same thing about Heidi being ugly and he’d rather that Seal had bred with another African.

    This multiculturalism that you all love so much won’t exist for much longer if we all breed into one big mulatto world state.t

  23. @ Oliver- “English” is a nationality, not a race. In fact, neither nationality or race are scientific terms, they are merely social constructs with no scientific basis, created by those who are insecure and must have something to separate themselves from others who they think they are better than. Quite the superiority complex.

    As others have said “mixing races” prevents many diseases that are specific to people of a given region or ethnicity such as sickle cell anemia and others. I think biracial children are beautiful, and it’s a good thing that those who don’t won’t be around in a few hundred years when everyone is the same color.

  24. My emotional response to Alex, Melek and Oliver is that while I realize nothing will change their ugly minds, my hopes are that their children will grow up and marry someone “outside” of their race, whatever that means.

    My intelligent response is that the only thing that is ugly is ignorance and racism based on ignorance. It is one thing to have never seen someone from another race and be facsinated by them, which is rare these days. It is another to tell anyone that they are ugly.

    I ride the subway in NY daily. The vast cultural mix of people is a blessing for me and everyone else. Where else can a Puerto Rican from The Bronx listen to classical music while riding home from Chinatown (with his Chinese medicinal herbs) while discussing with a blonde dental student from Manhattan where the best Arab food in the Village is. Where else can a hijabi Muslim woman compare notes with a Hasidic woman where the long skirts are on sale on lower Broadway. The only thing that anyone found annoying was the slow speed of the train and of course, all the people talking loud on their cell phones.

    I recall when a friend introduced her non-white boyfried to her father with very “old fashioned” ideas. She was very concerned that her father would not accept him — not because he was not white, but because he was not a Yankees fan.

    Alex, Melek and Oliver are lost souls. Everybody pray for them.

  25. Panama is maybe one of the country with more mixes in the world. Here the colour skin is not a problem and people like to mix each other. and because of these, there are lot of pretty woman and pretty “trigueños” guys with amazing fetures. If you see well the Heidi Klum sons you can see they will be beutiful when they grow up. Something like Lenny Kravits that for me many people is a sexy man…So great that someone pretty like Heidi decide to make amazing children….

  26. I must say I was curious of why Seal had scars on his face. When I found out what it was from, I felt sad for him yet he doesnt feel sad for himself. He is a remarkable person (of what the public knows). People always say that beauty is not just on the outside, its within. How many beautiful (outside) people have ugly insides and are just horrible people? Heidi and Seal are beautiful people on the inside and out.

    Their children are breathtaking and their new baby Lou is adorable!

    My only complain would be, “Heidi, did you really have to show all of us moms up when you walked down the runway AGAIN after having a baby? Im still trying to lose my youngests weight and she is 7” LOL.

    I also LOVE her describing how her daughter drew a picture of the family with different brown pencils. Cute! Kids see skin color as common as hair color, my hair is different than my kids. (Gray of course)

  27. Her biracial son probably looks a lot better than that faggot alex. Jealous that a black man is talented & successful, eh?

    “This multiculturalism that you all love so much won’t exist for much longer if we all breed into one big mulatto world state:”

    Of fuck off. Race Mixing is rare in all parts of the world. 93% to 94% of people marry and have offspring with people of their own race! A very small percentage don’t. AND she has a 100% white child, anyway! Why the fuck should YOUR ideals effect Seal and Heidi? You don’t even know them, you mindless, fascist tools. Human beings sure like to make big issues out of irrelevant bullshit.

    PS- Hispanics are an ethnicity, not a race. They are nothing more than a mix of black, white and native american. Yet, those races still live. Race Mixing does nothing to kill off a race!

  28. I am white and have a black boyfriend and it is terribly hard to feel normal in a world where most people see us as wrong. My parents don’t know we are still together and now we want to get married and start a family so we can’t keep quiet anymore. I just wish people who call themselves open minded cannot just let people be. We are all people. Different yes but that is how things are. I love the differences between me and my boyfriend. I cannot wait to have a family with him. I have had a lot of people say I should forfeit my own happiness and just go with my families wishes. If we all just give up the fight because some people don’t approve then this world will always be divided. I love my family but we very clearly see things differently! Oh and by the way I live in South Africa so here even though there are quite a few mixed race couples it is still a huge no no. I never expected my parents to be racist but since they expressed disgust of my relationship I am now even too freaked out to speak of my non white colleagues. It is not a nice way to live.

  29. I saw your site when I was searching for something unrelated, but this page showed up at the top of Bing your site must be incredibly popular! Keep up the awesome job!

  30. I think Alex was just a troll or maybe someone working for this particular site who was just trying to get people to come and post comments 🙂

    If so, it would make sense why he would have been one of the first people to post a comment. Also, look at the dates of Karen’s post (the first post), and then Alex’s post (the second post). There was a long lapse of time between the two. Yet, now look at how many people posted after and the dates they were posted. LOL

    Even more so, if you consider the content of his post. Why come to such a site as this, and make racist comments? Quite foolish. Of course, people’s attention will be caught, and they will be motived to defend what is right.

    Well, I am not trying to defend Alex, such commentary is not needed. I also strongly disagree with what “Alex” had to say.

    However, if he was an administrator or moderator of this site, I’d have to say it was a clever rouse.

    Take care all ^_^

  31. I am white and i have a Jamaican boyfriend, which i would like to marry one day. My family however, are racist and do not approve at all of my choice. My boyfriend is wonderful, he treats me with so much respect and care.

    Alex and other closed minded racist humans, this mainly goes towards you. I understand you may not like the fact that there are people who choose to date or marry someone outside of their race. Everyone is entitled to their OWN opinion. You may not be used to this type of family portrait. You may be used to seeing families where they are of the same race or culture. That is completely normal. You may want to keep your family of your own culture or race. We respect that and we do not judge you for that.

    HOWEVER, it becomes a problem if you cross the line and hurt individuals that do not have the same morals as you do. People who do not judge others by the way they LOOK but by the content of their CHARACTER. People who choose to love others by their inner beauty. Racism also includes stereotypes. It breaks my heart even more to hear rude and unnecessary comments such as white people are classy, what are they doing with black people. Or you must have no self respect because you are with a person of another race. I am not black and it bothers me because my boyfriend and SO many other African Americans have CLASS! It HURTS. You are a human being, consider that others have feelings. You can really damage a persons hopes. It doesn’t click to me how low humans can be so evil. Just think about what you are really doing. Think of all the damage you are causing to people who just want to be happy and follow what THEY believe in.

    To the people who are hurt, keep your head held high. Do what you believe in. Look at a person inside then out. Do not let negative comments like this destroy your your dreams of marrying the love of your life EVEN if they are not of your race. It is BEAUTIFUL! Think of making yourself happy first because if you aren’t happy, you will regret living a lie. It is your life, not anyone else’s. This comes from the bottom of my heart because i go through this every single day. I have to deal with my family and others around me putting pressure on me. Trying to shatter what i believe in just so THEY will not be embarrassed of what their own DAUGHTER believes in. It is DISGUSTING!

    This is 2010. Martin Luther King made a difference in this world. Be thankful for what he has done and be proud that we have come so far. Racism still continues, but it is up to you if you are going to let what ANYONE says affect your happiness. I know my family can say what ever they want to put me down, to give up and lose hope in my happiness. However, i made the decision to stay strong and keep my guard up. I wish all the people suffering the best. Heidi and Seal are a great example. They are happy and i bet their children will grow up so proud having a strong mother and father that brought them into the world full of hate.

    Feel free to reply. However, i will not tolerate any racist comment because it will go in one ear and out the other.

    Love, Maria !

  32. .

    Poor Heidi Klum — just like Grace Kelly (Princess Grace
    of Monacco) — married an ugly man and had homely kids.

    It’s the kids that you feel the most sorry for — and I think the
    ‘only’ reason people falsely claim that Klum’s homely kids are
    cute (when they are not) is because they are ‘biracial’ — and
    society always feels obligated to call ‘biracial’ kids “cute” …
    even if / when they are actually homely or just plain butt-ugly.


  33. Ignorance is something. How is it that a marriage can be stupid? (roll eyes)

    To respond to the others, the most mixed nation in the world is Brazil, wich produces Gisele Bundschen as well as Pele. As a matter of fact the NY scene Rosa describes is the norm around the entire country of Brazil, of which I am a proud member of (though my mom is American and my dad is a German-Brazilian and I live in NY, I am 100% mixed by all means.)

    And btw those children of Klum are cute as f**!

    One thing about Brazil that sets it apart from the US is that there, you can find Blacks with red hair, asians with blue eyes and blondes with crispy hair. Nowhere else in the planet has Asia, Europa and the Arabic nations mixed so well as in Brazil. And no one really cares, people just don’t give a rat ass about it. (well, maybe the neo-nazis which, unlike common American sense are quite big in Brazil and not argentina, which, GOd knows why, Americans believe that everyone descents from europeans. There are more europeans in Brazil than in any other latin american nation. Also for africans. Love that place!)

    I miss that country.

    Mixed hugs to ya all.

  34. Sorry, I have to concour with the Brazilian American here and state that intermarriage is quite common in Brazil, Southeast asia countries, China and several Arab and African nations. So I would suggest the person who thinks that intermarriage is NOT a common aspect in the world to consider other countries and continents that are not in Europe or North America. So, stop living in a bubble and travel more. Or read more. Or both.


    PS: Calling someone racist using of homophobic remarks to make a point is so silly it deserves no comments, does it?

  35. PS2: To the Conspiracy Theorist who talks about New world Order. One would think that intermarriage is exactly what the Powers That Be would be AGAINST in order to maintain power, no? And said person has the BALLS to state others are brainwashed? For all I gather, intermarriage is the key to fight opression not the other way around as it breaks the hegemony and brings inclusion. But maybe I am just toooo brainwashed to think straight. Silly me. Again, I’m just a blond gal..

  36. I cannot believe we are even having this discussion!!! Freedom of speech is great, if Alex and Oliver and all the rest of the people on this site consider people with darker skin tones as ugly then fair play. I’ll admit it now, I don’t like people who are overly freckled or have smelly feet or pale blue eyes. But I’m not going to go and have a go at all the people who do like those traits in people on the sodding internet! If these people are comfortable with these racist veiws and limited life experience thats their perogative. At the end of the day all we have to do is remember the second world war when the channel islands were occupied by Germany. Fraternisation wasn’t allowed and English women still fell in love with German men. Because at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what your supposed to hate somebody for because when it comes right down to it we’re all just men and women. Thats all we are and force us into certain situations and thats what we’ll remember.

  37. Yuck! I just threw up a little, disgusted me whenever I see a White women w/ a colored person.

  38. What a shame that such a beautiful white women has chosen to destroy her bloodline by mixing with a negro. There’s now a good chance that he’ll either leave her or cheat on her, and she’ll be stuck with children that look nothing like her, look more ugly than white children and score around 10-15 IQ points less than white ones. Race mixing is suicide for white Europe, it is propaganda pushed by people who want to see us destroyed and unfortunately some gullible women and men fall for it under the mistaken belief that they are being “enlightened” and “progressive” when the truth is they are just deluded and naive.

    As to the comments from Leah Maynes, personally I don’t believe in conspiracy theories but diversity is definitely not our strength as you seem to be implying, it is a weakness because as you noted it creates a hegemony in which people have less in common with each other and therefore leads to less trust and brotherhood between people in society. People are naturally more trusting and friendly to people of the same race and the European race is one of the most intelligent and productive on earth which is why certain groups want to see it destroyed by mixing with other races like the negro who is of vastly different and dare I say it, inferior genetics. Call me an ignorant racist all you want but I don’t hate anyone, I’m motivated by love for my race and people not hate for anyone.

  39. All of you who advocate inter-racial marriage are in fact advocating genocide. The unique races of humanity all came about through geographic separation and marriage between members of the same race. If we all mix then the human diversity that makes the world interesting will be lost forever. No more Japanese people, no more Africans, no more Europeans…just a mass of raceless, rootless brown people with no diversity at all. You all comment about how beautiful Ms. Klum is, yet you fail to realize that her beauty only came about through the intermarriage of her white ancestors going back thousands of years. She will never again have a descendant that looks like her and her beauty is now lost forever to the human race.

    If you decide to race-mix that is your choice, but don’t ever say that you are for “diversity” because by your actions you are doing everything you can to destroy humanities diversity. You are, in fact, contributing to the genocide of your own people, regardless of what race you belong to.

  40. @melissa

    English people are white race german tribe. They created civilisation, technology just like other white race people in their countries in Europe. Also Asian people created their own civilisation. What created negros in Africa?

    Race is not social construct, society is racial construct.

  41. “You all comment about how beautiful Ms. Klum is, yet you fail to realize that her beauty only came about through the intermarriage of her white ancestors going back thousands of years.”

    If you are all pro diversity, you should be against race mixing. Think about it logically – 2 people of diverse cultures reproduce, resulting in a child that is neither black nor white. One day, the parents will die, and the child will reproduce. In the end, you have the destruction of the two diverse cultures, and have in its place people that are all the same. If people on this planet continue to race-mix, there will be no diversity, because everyone would be mixed, and consequently without culture, because people from mixed backrounds don’t appreciate culture, since they don’t see themselves as belonging wholly to a distinct culture.
    It reminds me of a friend of mine – 3/4 white, 1/4 maori. He is so proud to be, what he considers, maori, but is he really a maori? Due to race mixing, many of humanities diverse cultures, such as the maori, the north american indians, australian aborigines etc are now gone, or are on the steep decline. Thank you, multiculturalism, for destroying earths diverse cultures.

  42. stormtrooper,
    are you an idiot? “what created negroes in africa?” Get out of here with that crap.
    Do you think before you type?

    Im sorry but all of you are being negative to a family that just wants to be a family. I am sick of getting notifications about people who have nothing nice to say about Heidi Klum, who none of you actually know, instead of hmm..I dont know living your own lives?
    If you dont like mixed ethnicities keep it to yourself.
    No body wants to hear what you have to say anyway.

  43. haha, your post probably got linked to a white supremacist website.

    anyway, I don’t mind interracial marriages. The kids are cute except for the white one. She looks quite homely. It’s good to see the aryan gene pool being destroyed. They are a dying people anyway 🙂

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  45. I think that mulattos are unattractive, but that people have the right to be with who they love. Unfortunately, where I live, black people (for the most part) are not very nice or respectful of other people. The men harrass women of other races and can’t take no for an answer – causing much discomfort (witnessed in school and workplace). The women are really evil and nasty and jealous. They are lazy at work and laugh at others brazenly but cry racism if insulted at all. Mulattos try to avoid blacks and also ‘go after’ other races…and feel bad/angry if you don’t find them attractive. I want to move somewhere where there are less blacks and mulattos. They seem parasitic to me. If they feel rejected…they are mad and take it out on others. They don’t seem to understand that a lot of other people are not into their kind of hair, skin, etc. even if it’s nothing personal. They hate themselves and only see us as a way out of their genetics and are obsessed with race mixing. I have seen mixed race couples with children who look whiter go into stores and the black people practically start to cheer. And I have seen mixed race couples with more African looking kids and the black people look disappointed. They all seem to have self hate, jealousy, obsession, etc. It’s better when they’re not present. The blacks are harrassing people out of their jobs, too. I just heard a girl that works at a store I go to complaining to a ‘black’ guy about how the new black female workers are giving her a hard time and trying to get her out…and this is a white girl who emulates blacks. Some people will have to learn the hard way why blacks have been hated the world over.

  46. How much do you want to bet that the owner of this blog will never marry a full blooded black man or live in a predominantly black neighborhood or raise kids who are part her and part 100% black? Mulattos can post pictures of the klan and complain about racism…but they are usually racist themselves AGAINST HALF OF WHAT THEY ARE.

  47. Does anyone think that Seal’s and Heidi’s kids will marry or even date anyone as dark as Seal. No way! RACISTS.

  48. Another white women destroys her heritage and lineage to have ugly black children. At least she has one beautiful White child. Somebody should tell her 75% of the worlds aid carriers are Black and a White women is 12 times more likely to be murdered by her husband if he is black.

  49. Sorry, SEAL is one fugly dude……….Heidi is a super model. Just because he is black, doesn’t mean he is good looking. Sure he has a golden voice, but a face only a mother could love………LOL

  50. Hi I am half Indian (Father) and half Portuguese (Mother) born and brought up in Germany. I look like Johnny depp ,Hrithik roshan .so i have to say not all germans here are Racist People so 20 % of them hates Blacks ,Turkish and Arabs. I have a lot of German Friends and they told me that most Germans have bad experiences with Blacks from africa and arabs.but the Germans like Italians , Chinese, Iranians , Indians and says they are friendly and hard working People . Im not white at all and i have to say everywhere the Blacks are living there is Ghetto, Crimes, Rape, unemployment , etc.
    why ? why ? why?

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  52. Talk about people with double standards… These anti-white racists say ”mixed kids are the prettiest” then rail into people who say ”white kids are the prettiest” in the next sentence.

    Mixed kids generally are ugly to me- I cant help that. They are almost all just ghetto looking and black and hardly ever look like the white side. This is seen in reality since the vast majority look black and hence will overwhelmingly side with black people and identify in-line with anti-white racists and pursue white genocide. What sane white person would want that as a legacy?

  53. @barbara
    Germany is a racist country? What a lot of bullshit.
    In Germany quite a few black men from the American army have married white German ladies.
    A lot of these black men live in small German towns with their families Barbara guess what they say bout the States – their home country? Thes black men say that the United States are a very racist country and that blck people re treated much better in Germany and therefore most of them don´t want to go back to the US. That´s the truth.
    On the other hand – now that Germany is flooded with black African immigrants in huge numbers people in Germany do get annoyed. And if you call defending the lifestyle and culture of one´s home country, which is predominantly white, racist, then yes some people are racist.
    White people have built Europe, have invented everything that defines a civilized society today, and these white people want to chose who can and cannot stay in their own countries.
    No one in Europe wants to live in a shithole like the United States. We want to prevent Europe from becoming hell on earth – a second “USA”. We don´t want such an uncivil society. We don´t want people in our countries that will drag our standrads of living and our safety down to a third world level.

  54. This women has serious issues. Why destroy your heritage by mating with a dark, dark african? I mean her children look absolutely nothing like her or any of her ancestors. So her line is dead. Dead. She effectively created a macro-aggresion against her entire heritage and culture. Screw her.

    But good on seal, right? He gets to know that his children will look substantially less like his ancestors. And that is good right? His kids won’t have to look at all like his mother or his father!!! Amd they must be proud…

  55. I have read a few articles on Heidi Klum and her firstborn daughter. The various articles ALWAYS say how beautiful the daughter is, just like her German mother and Italian father. .. …..the articles never, ever comment on Heidi’s mixed race kids. Never. An oversight?

    Curious because Black celebrities get called beautiful.

  56. I look at people’s character, morals, ethics… .. not skin color. But I have been judged just because I am White. …. too many times to count.
    I grew up a minority of my skin color and religion. So yes I have experienced prejudice, bigotry, and racism.

    BUT….. Whites are not racist for being proud of their race and ethnicity and culture. Other races are encouraged to embrace their identity but Whites are beaten down and called racist for doing the same. Not right.

  57. Her kids are not goodlooking. Nowadays people just love being politically correct. As for those for who say European are more attractive than Africans. On average I would say I agree.

  58. For the person who said the white daughter is ugly. Who did you think will look more like Heidi when she grows up ? I can bet you the even negros males will ignore her mixed race daughter for the blonde daughter when they grow up.

  59. Race mixing is wrong and any people that do it will face the consequences. Far too many single mothers as it is. Mix with your own race white women

  60. Melendez and Alex are indeed 100% correct, This woman had a European child with the Italian chap and she does indeed show all of her mother’s traits. The Bantu offspring in the other hand are only resemble her in no way which is a bad bad sign.

    The world is already overflowing with these things and her reproducing them instead of her own race is criminal. The Jews however love it because it is producing their paradise of Tikkun Olam rubbish and also giving them the benefit of destroying the German people and turning them into another Bantu subspecies that’ll be easier for them to control.

  61. English is an ethnicity of the European race. Seal is a Bantu Sub Saharan African and he or his kin will never ever be a European no matter what passport he carries.

    Most of the idiots are waxing platitudes on a disgusting novelty promoted by Jews. They wish the planet to be a low IQ mass of brown malcontents who are easily controlled. You fools are doing their bidding but and are like the other lemmings that go along to get along.

    Quite sad a pathetic and as for Barbara and the other guilt ridden Germans who are guilty of NOTHING wake the hell up and stop your self flagellation over Jewish lies and deceit.

  62. @Melissa – The world is not America and Europe. The whole world will never be the same colour. All that will happen is that beautiful white people will go extinct in America and Europe and be replaced by unsightly, coiled-hair mulattoes like Heidi’s children with Seal. Everywhere else, outside of Europe, people will still be the same. There will always be billions of pure blacks in Africa, billions of pure Indians in central Asia, billions of pure Arabs in the middle east and billions of Asians in Asia. Only whites will vanish because of sick, genocidal monsters like you, Melissa. Wanting the ethnic cleansing of your own race is despicable and does not make you cool or enlightened. Europeans need to do everything in their power to stop mass non-white immigration and establish strict racial quotas, to ensure that Europe stays 95% white and that whites keep creating children with the glorious, distinct European aesthetics. We cannot allow a future where there are no more glorious whites and Europe is filled only with blacks and Arabs and weird mulattoes with brown skin, flat noses and Afros.

    For the record, Heidi’s biracial daughter does not look too bad, but the two biracials sons are terribly ugly from a white point of view. Also, whether or not they are ugly is irrelevant. What matter is that they do not look white and that they represent something truly evil – the extinction of the white aesthetic that evolved in Europe over tens of thousands of years.

  63. Saying that Heidi Klum´s kids are ugly is not racist, it´s just an opinion. No one is ever going to force me to say and think that all black people are beautiful just because they´re black.
    I think that only Leni is pretty – not because she´s white but because Klum chose a very ugly black guy as a father of her black children. Seal is one ugly guy. And by the way Klum´s children with Seal are not Mulatto children at all since they don´t have a single bit of Klum´s white genes.

  64. There are plenty of good looking Africans and mixed people. Heidi’s kids are not among them. I don’t know why but Euro/African mixes come out super ugly about 75% of the time. On the positive side if one of them is even decent, our colorist society will push them above blacker people who are much better looking. The good news is that in the second generation even the ugliest mullatos generally produce very attractive kids. It’s like the Euro/Asian mix, which seems to reliably produce the most attractive people I’ve ever seen. Honestly, Heidi would have done better genetically to marry an Asian guy. However, the good news is that her ugly kids will very likely give her very good looking grandkids… so you have to take the long view on this one.

  65. Calling them “cute” is another way to admit they are ugly. She is divorced by him already. She did this for the status. And you can call this racist but calling a black person ugly is not about racism, it is about lookism. There are super ugly white people, uglier than Seal, have you seen some slavs with flat heads, tiny eyes and super ill-pale complexion? Cause I sure did.

    That race card is insane you all pulled. She is a super model and Seal isn’t. She mixed her sharp features with Seal who is ugly.

    Also who told you that Alex is white? I know a ton of black people who acknowledge an ugly brother and call out a beautiful woman who wasted her genes.

  66. Klum’s half monkeys are ugly mullatoos who must now bleach their skin, get plastic surgery to look white , need money expensive clothes… and none of that matters because they are black and will always be black. Period. Klum is blonde blued eyed German supermodel with perfect white genetics and it’s not enough. Just another N monkey in this world.

    White Genocide.

  67. Klum’s daughter is proof any white man would’ve been a better choice. The father of that kid is average at best and look at her. Black seed eradicates … black population must be reduced to pro 5000 BC levels

  68. She’s a product of neoliberal capitalism and that’s what she’s been programmed to champion.
    War will eventually break out just like it did in the last century and the strong will e dure and survive. The elites have moved passed using race as a weapon and now have gone for self mutilation as a way to get accolades. All of these “victims” will not reproduce but those with heightened ethnocentrism will endure and survive when all others have vanished.

  69. The Italian who fathered her child was at best a 6 ft tall version of Danny DeVito.

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