In case you hadn’t noticed, I spend a lot of time surfing the internets and I easily become addicted to entertaining websites. Thank goodness the addictions are usually short-lived.  Here’s the latest: http://weheartit.com/.  I’m still not exactly sure how it works just yet, but there are SO many fun things to look at.  This is the first picture I saw on there…

snow white wardrobeIt was love at first sight! I have a little confession to make…. I LOVE Snow White!! She’s my favorite Disney character. It’s always felt a little “wrong” for me as a (formerly) one-dropped biracial girl to love someone named Snow White. Identity issues much? I don’t think so, but I assumed everyone else would.

3 thoughts on “weheartit.com

  1. Ha!! You’re cute…identity issues. Trust me. Not You! I just left that site and saw a bunch of photos of snacks….Like everything that I like!! I have been VERY good and refuse to go there, lol. Thanks 4 sharing 🙂

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