I’ve never heard this one before…..

Half Black Geese

Monday, Jun. 28, 1937


Relative your article TIME, June 7 on the word “jalopy” and Webster R. Kent’s comments (TIME, June 21), I think you are both in error. Approximately ten years ago while in a Los Angeles café with the late Herbert Somborn, ex-husband of Gloria Swanson, approximately eight mulatto dancing girls appeared. Mr. Somborn exclaimed: “What beautiful jalopies!” Pressing him for information, he stated that a jalopy was anything half black and that the word originated in a certain part of Africa, where plurals are unknown, and a jalopy is a African half black geese.

3 thoughts on “jalopies

  1. So…what do you think about this one, Ms. Jones??? I find it to be quit interesting…

  2. hmmm interesting. ive heard that mullato was referred to a mule. which i think is BS btw and now a Jalopy. wtf a half black geese. tiffany where do u find this interesting info at? thanks for posting. keep it comin..

  3. I always thought a jalopy was like a hooptie. Only difference was jalopy specifically referred to 50s vehicles (or later I guess) that didn’t run so well anymore.

    Or at least that’s what I gleaned from reading so many Archie comics when I was a kid.

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