illustrated children’s books

A new book, Illustrated Children’s Books, explores the design and influence of some of the best-loved children’s books which have inspired and enchanted generations worldwide.

The English Struwwelpeter or Pretty Stories and Funny Pictures by Heinrich Hoffman

Looking at work from as early as the 1600s through to the golden age of illustration in the nineteenth century, Illustrated Children’s Books examines the history and development of children’s books.

The Wizard of Oz © 2008 by Graham Rawle

The book also contains an analysis of more contentious material such as Noddy and Little Black Sambo, explored here in a socio-historical context.

The Adventures of Two Dutch Dolls, illustrated by Florence K Upton

Here’s my personal favorite.  It sort of makes up for my personal “not-favorite” (see above).

Miffy’s Dream by Dick Bruna