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I guess I could try an apple with my coffee, but I’m not ready to trade.

WHAT!? Um… that is not ok.

And now for my personal favorite…

As one who has been prone to using bears as an analogy for race/colorism in humans, I look at this as a perfect analogy of the “We’re all descendants of people from Africa” fact.  So, even the “white” people are technically “black” at their core. Am I making any sense here?

pandas don’t exist

Irrational thought(s) for the day:




panda bears do not exist.  they are black bears masquerading as “panda” bears. do not be fooled by these photographs. panda bears are exactly the same as black bears.  all bears are slightly mixed in color.  can’t you see the tan snout of the black bear?  he is obviously mixed with something.  i really see no difference between those bears.  however, panda bears bear no resemblance to polar bears.  none at all.