re: human statue of liberty

I found some more!  I think they’re so great.  I can’t imagine how they pulled it all together.  The placement.  The wardrobe.  Everything.

us-shield_1453307iThe Human US Shield: 30,000 officers and men at Camp Custer, Battle Creek, Michigan, 1918

MPH-44-LivingUncleSamThe Living Uncle Sam: 19,000 officers and men at Camp Lee, Virginia, January 13, 1919

MPH-48-LibertyBell-675x898The Human Liberty Bell, formed by 25,000 officers and men at Camp Dix, New Jersey, 1918

The images, taken by Englishman Arthur S Mole and his American colleague John D Thomas, use over 18,000 US Soldiers, and some of the ones at the tops of the icons are over 1/2 mile away from the lens. They took the photographs in camps across the US using soldiers returning to America after World War I.  Mole and Thomas were commissioned by the US government to take the pictures as a way to raise morale among the troops and raise money by selling the shots to the public.  Mole and Thomas’ work was the first to use a unique technique to beat the problem of perspective after they devised a clever way of getting so many soldiers in the pictures. Arthur’s great nephew Joseph explains: “Arthur was able to get the image by actually drawing an outline on the lens, he then had the troops place flags in certain positions while he looked through the camera…”

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