thank you, kermit

Henson and Kermit.jpg

omg. the tears. i got teary reading the title of the first video below.  i clearly remember the day that jim henson died.  i was 13.  i was standing in the kitchen of the home i’d been born into.  (i was born in the hospital, but i mean this is where they brought me after that.) i could hear, but not see the tv.  and i heard someone say it on the news. maybe it was breaking news.  and i was sure i’d heard incorrectly, so i timidly peeked out into the living room at the tv and i saw his picture and dates and i knew what that meant, so i leaned back into the kitchen and desperately tried to un-know this horrible thing that i knew that i knew.  and it was just so sad and it seemed like time stopped for a second and everything changed.  i know that sounds a little dramatic, but i’m sticking to it.  jim henson is so special.  still.