aunizvpxmm6y1kglcz75ysrho1_400 I’ve gotten some new haters on youtube in the last few days.  I feel two ways about this: 1) irritated, 2) pleased.  There I go being a constant contradiction again, which I’m beginning to think just goes along with being black and white in America.  The general notion is that the two are so different and don’t mix, and here I (we) am (are) going around being both simultaneously.  I’m bound to contradict myself a lot while holding two things equally relevant, valid, important, impactful, etc.  Anyway, I was feeling kind of neglected by the haters.  They challenge me, they teach me, they send me new viewers.  Some of these haters call me a tragic mulatto. Others say that “biracial” doesn’t exist.  Some say I’m ugly and stupid.  I never even contemplate letting them get under my skin.  They certainly can ruffle my feathers, I’m only human after all, but that’s surface stuff.  Mostly they strengthen my passionate desire to answer the call to:




to let others know that





and that




but ultimately, haters (who are probably not reading this)