inspiration for an 11 year old girl

i’m breaking my tradition of just posting an inspirational quote with no title, no commentary because yesterday someone found their way to this blog by doing an internet search for “how can 11 yr.old girl accept being biracial.”  i’ve been mildly haunted by this.  i don’t have advice to offer from personal experience because when i was eleven, i didn’t think of myself as biracial exactly.  so, though i was dealing with it and certainly many of my issues stemmed from it, i wasn’t pondering my life through that lens.  i couldn’t have verbalized my angst in those terms.  and, even if i could have, who knows how vastly different my situation was from that of the child who prompted the search.  anyway, i just thought i’d post a few of these inspirational thingies i’m so very fond of in hopes that one or two of them might be just the perspective shifter or the advice needed to help in this situation….