the result

I think that the reality and the dichotomy that this photo depict are the result of the racist advertising we’ve been discussing.


This photo also leads me to question whether or not I think that all advertising is racist.  I understand that whites are still the “majority” (for now), but I think it’s undeniable that it’s presented to the masses as an exclusive club.  The club has privileges.  In my opinion, that billboard could be deemed racist even without the people standing in line before it.  The truth of the matter is that if you look like the people in that car the sky’s the limit, you can achieve the highest standard of living, it’ll be grand.  If you look like the people in the line, you will serve those in the car.  At best you will strive to be like them, struggle for what they take for granted.  That’s just the way things are.  The people in the car deserve the best, the people in the line deserve the rest.  Just because.  That’s what this country has been advertising for years.  Under the guise of all men are created equal, liberty and justice for all, &  land of the free they’ve been pushing the opposite.  They’ve sold and we’ve bought.  Another truth is that we are all slaves to the notions, images, dogmas passed down and regurgitated through the years.  It’s everywhere. Books, film, television, magazines, packaging, newspapers.  It kind of seems normal.  This country could be so great.  It was founded on wonderful ideals and beautiful words, but without the actions to create the reality dreamt of.  It’s still a dream.  I think we can achieve it.  But first there has to be widespread acknowledgement of the dogma and it’s major flaws and then we have to fix our thinking.  Free our minds.