clairvoyant helped find chihuahua that blew away

This morning I saw a Detroit Free Press headline about racism in a Michigan school district, so I read it thinking it could be blog worthy.  It wasn’t.  But when I looked to the right I saw this headline and I just couldn’t help posting it.

Clairvoyant helped find Chihuahua that blew away


The 5-pound Chihuahua that blew away Saturday in heavy winds at the Dixieland Antique Flea Market in Waterford was discovered tired, hungry and caked with mud in the hilly wooded area across the street on Monday.

A pet psychic “thought we were looking in the wrong place,” Dorothy Utley, Tinker Bell’s owner, said Monday. “She said, ‘I’d like you to go over and look under things and up high and on hills.’ She said she was going to be up high.”

The 72-year-old Rochester Hills resident said volunteers spent hours searching on Sunday before the Holly-based clairvoyant told them where to call the pooch’s name.

“The animal speaks to me,” Lorrie the Pet Psychic said Monday. “She was telling me she was OK. … I’m just so happy for her, that they have her home. I don’t call myself a hero or anything.”