I often consider that, because “mulatto” doesn’t really “exist” in the world at large, medical studies that cite race as a qualifier of the subjects studied mean absolutely nothing for me.  Am I to assume that the ills that typically plague African Americans are apt to plague me, or those of Caucasians?  Or neither?  Or both?  I mean surely our DNA does not take into account the one drop rule and decide that I have only black genes.  For these reasons I was very pleased to hear of the Bogalusa Heart Study…

The Bogalusa Heart Study is the longest and most detailed epidemiologic study of a biracial (black-white) population of children in the world. The study focuses on understanding the early natural history of coronary artery disease and essential hypertension. It is the only major program studying a total and geographically well-defined, biracial and semi-rural community.