ha! (or re: another social taboo)

Here’s what the creator of the pamphlet had to say about back in 2005:


since you are curious let me chime in:

i’ve (obviously) been paying attention to the spread of this pamphlet since sunday went i put it up and it has proven to be very popular. on the one hand it’s meant to be humorous, and people are certainly taking it in that spirit, but on the other hand i think the strong reaction does point to some fairly large grains of truth nestled within.

i know that i have felt a lot of the “symptoms” i put into the pamphlet. i created it durring a bout of dissatisfaction in point of fact. i’ve also seen many other bloggers complain, mope, moan, and eventually close up shop. so i think, joke though it may be, it struck a nerve.

blogging is fascinating in that (professional / goods and services sites aside) it has no practical purpose. it is truly an art if looked at in those terms. it is such a new form, and such a public form, that the growing pains are uncommonly visible.

i often feel the form is mutating right beneath our fingertips.