3 thoughts on “speaking of jesus…

  1. The Book of Genesis in the Bible still states that God Created the woman for the man, not the man for man or the woman for the woman. God never makes a mistake. Adam and Eve were the first married couple. Every human being should be respected with dignity regardless of their skin color, etc, but this still does not negate the fact regarding the scriptures. God ‘s plan can never be altered, it does not matter what the supreme court or society says. Either we are honest and rightly divide the word of truth or continue to pick out scriptures to justify our individual causes. Are we to please man meaning mankind ( both man & woman ) or are we to please God and obey his word.

  2. “The book of Genesis in the bible”, right there is where you, Mrs. Sampson, are mistaken. Not everyone is religious. The bible came into fruition only a couple of thousand of years ago. Humans have existed for tens of thousands of years waaaay before that story book of political bloodshed came into the picture. Grow up and stop believing in Santa Claus. It’s fine if you believe in a loving & powerful God who created a system of karma to teach us lessons … and it’s fine to not believe in God at all. But leave your childlike opinions of “mommy was made for daddy” in your own head. It’s ridiculous at this point.

  3. I’m not religious but honestly, you sound ignorant / hateful telling Mrs.Sampson that the “mommy was made for daddy” fact is in her head. Mommy and daddy is the ONLY reason you or ANYONE (gay or straight) is here. A male and female made you, only so that you could turn around and say males and females were not made for each other…the irony is disturbing. Remember this. Male and male create nothing. Female and female create nothing. Male and female create ALL things. If that doesn’t make them made for each other, then I don’t know what pairing on this planet is. -May love and wisdom enter the souls of all.

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