9 thoughts on “welcome fall

  1. ohhh!! This is beautiful!! This is my fav season too! I’m gonna do one like this…thanks 4 the inspiration 🙂

  2. Thank you! Thank you for posting these beautiful photos of my favorite season. I’m a native New Yorker living in southeastern North Carolina and changing leaves is a view I miss terribly.

  3. autumn is my favorite season…november is my favorite month (even though my b-day is in july), and thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

    i also love how the weather is hot and cold throughout autumn (at least where i live, but then again, weather in STL is really unpredictable and will rain one day be sunny the next, and could snow out of nowhere, such as the first day of spring)

  4. I have four mature red maple trees. Funny how it’s not so beautiful when you are raking leaves for a month.:( Nonetheless, I appreciate the beautiful scenery of autumn. Bring on the snow!! haha

  5. Really love these fall photos. Please…where is the location of the 2nd photo? The homes on the waterfront. I want to add it to my places to visit before I die list.


  6. Does anyone know where this photo was taken? I would love to experience this place….

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