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  1. You should embrace being black instead of bi racial. why acknowledge being part white when whites dont acknowledge being part black. You are black and should be proud of it. Your name on youtube is mullatto diaries. You are insulting yourself blindly. I say that because the meaning of mulatto comes from the portugues word mula which is the offspring of a horse and donkey. During colonial slavery in all the european colonies worldwide all of the children of european and african descent were known as mulattos because the slaves were known as the mules (workers) that were the colonial masters stud horses that made him money. So you should change your name as well unless you want to be labeled as a coon and female tom by the educated. It also seems as if your embrace your whiteness more than your beauiful blackness which in my opinion is sad. You should forget about the white side of you and embrace your universal black heritage. as you get older youll realize it then. I suggest that you realize it now. I dont mean to sound harsh but you need to be informed of the flaws you have been consistently making. This is not an attack and if you want any info on why you should embrace your african heritage and your african american heritage dont hesitate to email me.

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