offspring of a foreign race

I have never before thought of mulattoes as victims of the Holocaust.  How ignorant of me.  I now imagine that some of the children fathered by black U.S. servicemen made up the group mentioned in this Delaware memorial.  So much history to uncover.

Interfaith Yom HaShoah service to
remember victims of the Holocaust

The third community interfaith worship service for Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Memorial Day, will be at 4 p.m., Sunday, April 11, at Epworth United Methodist Church, 19285 Holland Glade Road, Rehoboth Beach.

For the past two years, clergy from six faith communities in the Lewes-Rehoboth area have joined to lead a worship service for the community that remembers the tragic events and honors the victims and heroes of the Holocaust.

Shoah is the Hebrew word for “whirlwind.” It is the term used to describe the Nazi firestorm between 1938 and 1945 that swept up 11 million souls – 6 million Jews and 5 million non-Jews including Poles, Rom Gypsies, homosexuals, disabled, mulatto children, clergy and Germans who didn’t believe in the Nazi ideology.

Men and women, young and old alike, were butchered at the hands of the Nazis. Every year, on Yom HaShoah, people remember the martyrs who sanctified the name of God in the camps, ghettos and gas chambers.   Entire article

I looked into the situation further and came across this paragraph on

African German mulatto children were marginalized in German society, isolated socially and economically, and not allowed to attend university. Racial discrimination prohibited them from seeking most jobs, including service in the military. With the Nazi rise to power they became a target of racial and population policy. By 1937, the Gestapo (German secret state police) had secretly rounded up and forcibly sterilized many of them. Some were subjected to medical experiments; others mysteriously “disappeared.”

Here’s insight into Hitler’s had to say about us (found HERE):


Before World War 1 there weren’t very many Black people in Germany. During ww1, France brought Black soldiers in during France’s occupation of Germany. Since there were different colored people living in Germany, the Nazis forcibly sterilized offspring between black men and white women because it held back the campaign for the perfect race. Children that had a black father and a white mother were mulatto children because of their color. Mostly every German despised them and called them ugly names. Hitler wrote,” These mulatto children came through rape or their mother was a whore. In both cases there is not the slightest moral duty regarding these offspring of a foreign race.” This is what happened to children because of the color of their skin.

Black German girl 1930

Nazi propaganda photo depicts friendship between an “Aryan” and a black woman. The caption states: “The result! A loss of racial pride.” Germany, prewar.

4 thoughts on “offspring of a foreign race

  1. I took a history of the Holocaust class where they talked about Hitler’s black victims. But I saw a book by Hans J. Massaquoi Destined to Witness: Growing Up Black in Nazi Germany. He was a managing editor at Jet magazine. His mother was German and his father was an African soldier (I can’t remember which country). His mother was able to keep him safe during the Nazi years. I still haven’t read his memoir, but I am interested.

  2. There’s a man named Joseph Johan Cosmo Nassy (1904-1976) an artist of black and of Jewish background (Afro Sephardi lineage) who lived in Belgium. His art is displayed at the National Holocaust Memorial Museum. He was a POW who held an American passport.

    “He was shuffled from prison to prison throughout Belgium and finally spent the last four years of incarceration in Germany’s Laufen and Tittmoning camps. There were twelve other blacks in the camps with Nassy who were keep separate from the rest of the prisoners. Nassy taught art in the camps and was released in May of 1945. Nassy’s U.S. passport probably kept him out of the more lethal concentration camps.”

  3. I hadn’t thought about this either but am interested…..especially since, on a trip to Germany in tenth grade, I was amazed at the number of African-American men, their white wives and their mixed babies out in great numbers at the airport. I felt for once, in a place I could recognize myself and identify with these families. Later in life, the three friends I made from Germany,who were bi-racial like myself, all had a strong sense of German nationalism, and they mostly had great experiences growing up there. It would be interesting to research the history of the perception of the mulatto child in Germany. Stop by my blog i just started for my pop culture class. I am documenting “The Tragic Mulatto in Pop Culture”. I found your blog when I Googled “tragic mulatto” images.

  4. fuck hilter, this stupidass wasn’t a german. hitler was obsessed with the german people he from astria a small poor country in europe. blacks/germans makes beautiful babies for example remember denise “vanity” matthews she was the leader of the all girl group vanity 6 in the year 1982. their 1 hit smash ‘nasty girls. she’s a mixure of this same product black/german what a beautiful woman.

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