no difference between them

Here’s a new book full of beautiful black and white portraits of interracial couples!  The foreward is written by one of my favorite mixed chicks, Heidi Durrow.  The photos are stunning.  Thank you, Robert Kalman, for this wonderful book that will no doubt help us break our subconscious instinct to assume that these people do not belong together.  You can purchase your copy here.


11 thoughts on “no difference between them

  1. How does the Asian Woman/European Male fit into the whole “Black/White” thing? Asians aren’t Black. It you want to truly show the beauty of interracial love, how about showing something besides black & white? Just saying…. 🙂

  2. @ samantha- the photos are black and white. that means the color of the photos. the couples are interracial. that means any couple made up of people of two different races. kalman is showing the true beauty and wide spectrum of cultures coming together in interracial relationships with this book. i’m just saying.

  3. You have very beautiful photos, thank you for sharing.
    It is great to see how far we have come as a society to look past the color of someones skin, yet still so far to go.

  4. iff,
    I do not know you personally, but I saw your mulatto diaries by accident on youtube (while looking for hair care tips). I viewed several episodes and got hooked!! I am Black female, but I am very glad to see a strong and intelligent mixed female taking the time to enrich us with your experiences.

    I do not want to sound petty, but your hair is beautiful. It does not matter if it is natural, braided, straightened, or in a chignon, you always look lovely. I also have long hair and I get dissed because I prefer a simple look via roller sets or the occasional flatironing. Most of my female friends and aquaintences love weaves or very short haircuts that I can’t afford to maintain, and they diss me because they say my hair is too plain. I wish people would learn to see beauty in different forms and not think only one look is beautiful.

    I must share my hair nightmare. (This experience has led me to empathize with White mothers of mixed children who may have a hard time caring for their child’s hair.)My mother- in- law put a relaxer in my beautiful daughter’s hair (without my f#*%in permission) when she was 3 yrs old!!!! I loved her hair the way it was, and simply styled it in 2 or 2 afro puffs or got it cornrowed. I really did not know how to do hair they way most Black women in my area could. My relatives would always crtiticise me. But I did not care. I think kids should be natural and free. I loved her thick, kinky curls! My MIL told me she felt bad because my daughter’s hair was not like mine and she did me a favor. Hah!!! I did not even know that a relaxer required constant touch ups then. I did not know how to relax hair and could not afford a salon. It became harder to do her relaxed hair.

    My daughter is now 8 and I still have issues with her hair. I wanted to cut it all off and start over, but her father will not allow it. So I started using the Just 4 me texture softner on her new growth 2 yrs ago and do not use heat products. Just wash, condition, ponytails and the occasional roller set and regular trims. It is getting healthier, but a part of me still hurts sometimes because that woman thought she knew what was better for my child then I did and she could have burned her with that adult relaxer.

    Sorry for the long post.

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