re: the effect of skin tone

I thought that was such a great experiment and the findings so very revealing.  Coincidentally, I came across these new cameras yesterday and i thought to myself, “If these cameras are exactly the same (color aside), why’s the black one gotta be the devil while the white one’s an angel.”  I think it borders on modern day racist advertising if you consider it a bit too seriously (perhaps).

Which would you prefer?  You can buy one here

4 thoughts on “re: the effect of skin tone

  1. omg, i am always thinking to myself, why is everything black always seen as bad and white always good? and then i ask myself, why do i subconsciously i always choose the white item? i honestly don’t know if its cause we are made to think white is better by how we present such items or if goes deeper than that, or if i just naturally find the white item cooler and am looking too much into it. im getting to the point to where i dont want to question it anymore, not just because of the answer i may get but how confusing it may be until i get there.

  2. This is a real controversial study. Have you ever seen the reactions with the Doll Test, its a study that has over the years become well known. A young Black girl, is given a white doll baby and a black doll baby. The young child is asked these series of questions: Which baby is the bad bad baby? (the black one) Which doll baby is the good one? (the white one) Which baby do you like more? (the white one) & Which baby looks like you? (the black one) To watch a clip with that kind of issue was sad for me to see, because of course the child being tested didnt understand but so much. Check it out on youtube, if you havent already seen it. =] have a good evening.

  3. the doll test made me cry when i watched a video of it on Youtube a few months back. I remember when the little black girl was asked which doll was lesser and she chose the black doll, and then when asked which one looks like her, she chose the black one, and i just broke into tears after that. I actually found the black doll to be cuter than the white one, mostly cause the pink and purple outfit on the black baby doll looked cuter on it.

    I had mostly black baby dolls growing up and only a few white baby dolls. Although majority of my barbies were white and only a few were black. Maybe that was my mom’s idea of giving me both my white and black side…

  4. Yes ! its very sad. Growing up i had mostly white dolls, and to think after a billion years there is finally a black princess for disney. Up until recently i hadnt even stopped to notice that all the princess were white, and Princess Jazmine was Arabic, but she still wasnt black. As time goes on, I think society is progressing in a positive way. dont you think so?

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