willing to accept

This isn’t the first I’ve heard of biracial children falling under the umbrella of “hard to place” in the adoption world,  but this little article still made me sad.  As if it would be a great sacrifice, or a kind of acquiescence, perhaps an inconvenience to bring one of “those” children into your family.  But hey, they’ll pay you to take one…

Adoption Resourcess, under the umbrella of Jewish Family and Childrens’ Services, is a licensed, nonprofit adoption agency in Massachusetts. They have been in business for 140 years…

“The agency is a conduit for contact”, states the director. They provide counseling, support and education to birthparents before and after the birth. These services are also provided to the adoptive parents, and to adoptees seeking information on their heritage.

For a flat fee, the prospective parent(s) can adopt a healthy, Caucasian infant within one to two years. For those willing to accept biracial or at risk children that wait time can be as little as one year. Betsy notes that the agency is particularly proud of its Lindelli Fund, which provides subsidies to any parent wishing to adopt hard-to-place children.- via


These children are not up for adoption.  They’re just cute and biracial.

5 thoughts on “willing to accept

  1. This is a very interesting post. I also noticed that they never mention black (monoracial) children which I am sure they’re placing, not only under the “hard-to-place” umbrella, but also as “at-risk.” I’m gonna look further into this adoption agency and see if there are any others like it –especially in my state. What is they’re definition of “at-risk?” Why does it seem as if anyone who is non-white/caucasian considered “hard-to-place?” Good post! As always…

  2. How insulting! I think this sends a horrible message: white children are worth more. Disgusting. I would love to see more children adopted around the world, and especially AA or biracial children. People need to understanding, adopting a child is not like picking up a new purse at Coach. Your child will NOT be your biological child, so get over he/she not looking like you. I think it’s disgusting when people request race. Why do they do that anyway? Just take in a child who needs a home, get over the other stuff.

    Sorry- I just hate the idea of people choosing to adopt certain children as status symbols (ex. Asian children)

  3. Most agencies have differing prices for children depending on things like race and even gender. In the world of adoption the healthy, white baby GIRL is the most in demand.

    Here is a blog post/price list http://apathoftheheart.blogspot.com/

    I have a friend who was a mixed race adoptee, so her adoptive parents, who were troubled, qualified to get her but were refused easier to place babies. Sometimes they are called “special needs”

    Adoption is often thought of as a social service, I think most of us would like to think of it that way. In reality it is an unregulated billion dollar industry that makes its money on society’s most vulnerable.

  4. Well I don’t know many black people who have adopted children and if they do it’s usually a relative and an informal sort of adoption. I think whites are more likely to adopt and they want children that look like them. I also think hair texture and the ignorance of how to care for it limits biracial children and black. Culturally black children or biracial (black and white) children are seen as being completely separated from their potential white adoptive parents. But their still Americans, so there has to be some similar cultural experience. No?

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