mixed race in the uk

I guess we’re the fastest growing group in the world, muah-ha-ha-ha! Just kidding. But I’m with you, Dani. We need to educate everyone about this group with rapidly increasing numbers.  I wonder if mixed race people are more likely to be victims of crime in the U.S.

Mixed race ‘fastest growing minority’

Karlene Pinnock BBC NewsBeat

“Best of both”, “pick and mix”, “Asian”, “half-breed” and “coloured” – they are just some of the names mixed race people say they’ve been called.

The mixed race group is the fastest growing ethnic minority group in the UK and is expected to become the largest by 2020.

Britain has one of the highest rates of interracial relationships in the western world.

If government watchdog figures are right, mixed race Britons will overtake Indian people to become the UK’s largest ethnic minority group within 25 years, reaching 1.24 million.

Seventeen-year-old Seeder is from Manchester. She said: “I actually expected mixed raced people to be the biggest ethnicity.

Listen to 1Xtra’s Mixed Race documentary

“Mixed raced isn’t just one race like me, English and Jamaican, there’s so many different mixes of so many different races.”

The latest official statistics available show mixed race people are more likely to be victims of crime than any other ethnic minority.

The risk of being the victim of a racially-motivated crime is also higher.

Dani thinks more needs to be done to educate everyone about the UK’s fastest growing ethnic minority group.

“I remember my teacher describing me as coloured and I was like actually not really fond of that one,” she said.

“We need to start looking at how we can make things more multicultural and I think the education system’s going to be a biggie.”


7 thoughts on “mixed race in the uk

  1. i just wonder when at some point America and Europe, will stop grouping all mixed race people together, and start to see them as their own…

    nevermind…i imagine, since america rarely sees “mixed race” as its own…we will have to be all together first even if we are different mixes…before we can start being called our own….

  2. I have heard 1 in 10 UK children born today are of mixed race decent. I am not surprised by the crime data, as I get a fair portion of YT haters from the UK, both black and white. I think it gets easier for each new generation, especially since there are more of us to share our experiences and identify with. Not something easily talked about when I was growing up.

  3. The part where they ask “is Britain ready?” irks me. Is Britain ready for what? They make it sound like it’s some sort of invasion as opposed to what seems like a natural progression (it’s what society has chosen for themselves).

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  5. I think mixed race people should all unite, why must mixed race people be put into different groups?. It does not matter if you are a mixed race person from America, Europe, South America or Africa. Mixed race people should celebrate being mixed, someone told me Brazil has a “Mulatto Day”, i’m not sure if that’s true because i’m not from Brazil. I think the world should have a “World mulatto Day”, and make it a public holiday all over the world lol. I don’t understand why the term “coloured” is offensive. Is “mulatto” not offensive?

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