speaking of children’s books

Of course there were no biracial characters for me, and though that would have been GREAT, I could relate to the black or white hero or heroine, so it’s all good. Is that a biracial thing, I wonder?  Anyway, here are some of my personal favorites.  Books I loved from the time I could read til the 8th grade.  I found the covers that I owned or borrowed from the library.  I loved these books so much!  Books were my friends.  I have vivid memories of my dad reading Ramona the Pest to me, and me staying up really late to finish Mrs. Piggle Wiggle in one day, and the moment I first met my (step)sister Shannon and she was sitting on the couch reading Ramona Forever and I knew we’d get along. My heart began pounding every time I came across the book cover that looked like mine. I think I can smell them.  Now I  want to read them again.  I’m sure I’ve forgetten some and will end up doing another post.  Shannon, can you think of anything I forgot?


tawny scrawny lion


ramona quimby age 8









Dicey's song

picture for book





7 thoughts on “speaking of children’s books

  1. Are You There God, Blubber, Iggie’s House, Deenie, Forever(!) and the other older Judy Blumes. Did you read Taffy Sinclair?

    I just read something about Selena Gomex starring in the Beezuz and Ramona movie (as Beezus!) I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited about an upcoming movie! And I can pretend that I’m just taking the kids to see it. Look how perfect the cast is:

    They’re always making reference to Sweet Vally High on GoFugYourself and it makes me want to read those again … Can you imagine how awful they are?

    P.S. That was John commenting about MJ. It came up under my name.

  2. omg, blubber! i think that’s my favorite judy blume. freckle juice too. i didn’t know there was going to be a movie. it better be awesome! i will totally be there. with no children. no shame. i cannot imagine how awful those books must be. i was almost too embarrassed to put that on the list, but i really did love them for whatever reason.

  3. I loved the Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley Hight too.
    One book that I thought was cool was The Forgotten Door by Alexander Key. He also wrote the book Escape to Witch Mountain, there’s a Disney movie of the same name based on that book. I love the movie too.

  4. Oh wow, looking at these books brought back so many memories!! I looooved A Wrinkle in Time and Babysitter’s Club and Sweet Valley High!

    What about Nancy Drew? Did you read those at all? I read every single one the library had at my elementary school!

    I love your blog!

  5. I was a total bookworm back then (I still am!) – you listed a bunch of my favorites but I’d include Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner and The Berenstain Bears. I was pretty much obsessed with those series.

    One day I want to write a children’s book of my one and it was definitely include some biracial characters!

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