yay, hawthorne



Last night TNT premiered “HawthoRNe” starring Jada Pinkett Smith.  I especially like the show because they’re portraying biracial!  Smith plays a recently widowed nurse who’s raising her biracial teenage daughter (Hannah Hodson).  The (white)dead husband’s mother plays an antagonistic role.  I don’t care what she does as long as she’s there and she’s white.  Thank you TNT for this “unconventional” casting.  I love seeing Joanna Cassidy as Hannah Hodson’s granny!


4 thoughts on “yay, hawthorne

  1. yeah i watched the premiere!! it was soo great. looking forward to next week’s show. i think the casting is great. the woman with the fake leg… so unexpected when she got stabbed. lol i love the drama. TNT is the best!

  2. i like hawthorne for so many reasons.

    1. its giving a new perspective on the hospital, finally they are showing the nurse perspective.

    2. the major lead is a black woman.

    3. the daughter is biracial

    4. dr. wakefield is HOT!!! and so is the male nurse, he is good looking too.

    i like dr. shows, and this has more than enough to keep me entertained lol.

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