first lady love

I didn’t think it was possible for my Michelle Obama love to increase.  I was wrong.  I know it’s silly, because it is a known fact, but the fact that she said “biracial” made me really happy.  I love the the sentiment of the whole speech….

if you are going to doubt something doubt limits

First Lady Michelle Obama told Washington Math Science Technical (WMST) High School’s graduating class that they are “more than ready” for the challenges ahead and to ignore “the doubters.”

…Mrs. Obama spoke about her own upbringing and her struggle to get to – and then through – the Ivy League amidst “voices of people sowing doubts in my head.”   She said that although she was always confident, “there was a part of me that started to believe the doubters.”

…Mrs. Obama talked about other figures who have overcome hardship, including her own husband.  “This biracial kid with a funny name from hawaii, of all places,” she laughed, “who was taught that anything is possible.”,0,2983687.story


2 thoughts on “first lady love

  1. That is beautiful, I love the whole family. They are a good representation of what a family should be…they are positive!

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