6 thoughts on “re: viola desmond

  1. “Which is Negro?” Hmmm…hard to tell with some of them. After 300 years of miscegenation, the line between colored and white begins to blur substantially.

  2. Did you really use that word? “Miscegenation” is the reason there are so many beautiful people of colour in the world. I guess you’re jealous. Aren’t people like you just always.

    Bite my permanently tanned ass.

  3. wow this is very interesting it is hard to differentiate who is black from who is white!!..
    He just doesn’t want to drectly adress the fact of integration!! i’m a product of this “Miscegenation” you speak of and proud of it babe!!

  4. If I was really to take a shot at this, I would think the 3rd person on the bottom row. Most likely we are all related in the long run some how so people should just get over skin colors. I myself think one shade is boring and colorless or plain.

  5. I saw somthing like that quize before, and i think they all are, actually a few of the faces are well known in the day. And since Viloa was my Aunt I guess that makes me one of those nicly tanned people as well, funny thing is that I have more color form native background than my black one (well i think so).

  6. this is one of the most ludicrous things I have ever read…which one is white and which is black?…who gives a damn. There is black and there is white and there are mixed races. Why is it that once negroid Dna is present you are automatically considered black…are we not a product of both. Eventually this part of the world will be all mulattos. The way I see it black men are usually the men of choice for women of any race. All over the world and especially in this Hemisphere it is quite visible…just look at the classrooms nowadays, and your imagination will tell you whats going on. I myself; out of rebellion had always prefer an African-American male as its what I was always taught to avoid, and its where I felt most comfortable and could be me; but I am now unhappily married to a white man who never seems to forget about race, creed or colour. I regret the day my mother was raped by a white man as I was the product 7 months later, I didn’t learn this till my twenties, but I still love my Heritage for what it is and no matter what, I consider myself a mulatto and I am so proud to be alive I couldn’t care what people think about me or who wonders what I am. I get it from all the races native/blacks/whites but never really from bi-racials. What people need to think about is why are their daughters so openly chasing black men and why are white men so openly dating and seeking black women…its a sign of change and I welcome it.

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