goodnight alice


I hope you’ve enjoyed the theme. I don’t know if I’ll be doing that again, but I liked it for today.  Here’s one last piece of Alice for the night.  Watch this video.  SO cool and a little trippy. But isn’t that part of the whole Alice in Wonderland thing anyway?

6 thoughts on “goodnight alice

  1. hey tiff. that alice vid was cool! whom ever produced that is amazin. thanks for sharing.

  2. yeah…i like this video. i’ve seen it before. puts me in a weird trance of some sort. something about the music. what is alice saying??

  3. i couldnt figure what she was saying either but it sounded cool with the music tho. ironically i never really remember seeing the whole movie of alice in wonderland the disney one. i do remember seeing the 1999 film of alice in wonderland with whoopi goldberg. i enjoyed that. lol

  4. i don’t know what she’s saying either. something about love? i’m not sure that it’s all english because the guy who made it is swedish or something like that….

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