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Last night I went to hear Jennifer Beals speak at the NY Times Center.  Um….amazing!! I was mere feet away from her.  She was beautiful, radiant, kind, eloquent.  Everything I thought she’d be.  But better.  I got a little emotional when she first walked out.  Jennifer Beals is to me what I seem to have become for a few people.  When I realized I was biracial and that that actually meant something to me and means a lot in this country, I was left feeling a little lost.  I mean here I’d been thinking I knew myself quite well, knew what I wanted, knew where I wanted to go, and all of sudden this paradigm shift had me questioning everything.  I was all fired-up about my discovery, but I didn’t know what to do with it.  Someone suggested I watch The L Word because Jennifer Beals’ character, Bette Porter, was biracial and it was actually a part of the story line.  I watched it and I knew I wasn’t crazy.  I knew that it was ok to embark on this journey.  I knew that who I had an inkling that I really was, well, I really was, and I was not alone.  I saw myself reflected in the world and I had a sense of my right to be.  I learned to say that I’m not “exclusively black” and that phrase has become invaluable.  For these reasons Jennifer Beals is my biracial hero.  Last night put all of that in perspective.  So, if I’ve helped anyone stand firmly in their biracial truth, J.B. is to thank for that.  So grateful!!





Googling “why blacks hate mulattos” also led someone to this blog today.  I would love to hear Jennifer Beals’ opinion on that one.  And I’m a little curious as to what instigated that particular search.

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  1. I thought she was gorgeous since Flashdance, and I didn’t know she was biracial until later. I wonder what she’ll do next after The L Word.

  2. Hey! She’s guest starring on Lie To Me on Fox starting tonight! I think it’s on before American Idol.

  3. I think you stated it well when you said that Jennifer Beals made your biracial journey seem ok. There’s a number of high-profile biracials that have that effect on me and it’s such a weight off of my shoulders knowing there are well-known people going through this same thing, and they have the ability to speak of it to the masses.

    [url] [url]

  4. I remember your vlog Tiffany! I am too, biracial. And honestly after a few years of becoming comfortable with who I was I realize I am a different race all together. We act different, feel different and we need to work on forming a new racial identity with the government not to be registered as black nor white but something completely different. Our minds are formed differently.

    Here is the thing that makes me wonder. Why do black women/men feel the need to try and make us feel confused about who we are? And make us feel even more isolated? I have never felt this way with white men or women, they seem to want to know more about us just as much as we want to know about ourselves. As you already know Doctors, Theorist, Professors, etc. are interested in new beginnings and new findings. As opposed to Africans who want to keep us down and oppressed because they are feeling the social norm with other cultures. Explain to me why even spanish people of all spanish background are really beginning to despise the black race here in America? They are them ost violent towards blacks. And it is becoming epidemic throughout poverty.

    I would like to see more biracials come forward and socialize more with other biracials and form a bond with each other so we can relate and possibly make a new beginning for ourselves. I have met some other biracials and it never seems to work out. They are already fixated on being with the vast majority, with white socialites. In poorer cities biracials mingle with blacks and look depressed and rarely smile or wear their hair out. They keep it short, straightened or with weaves to look more black. Because they feel inferior to blacks and so their self esteem is plummeted and so they don’t care much for appearance or education afraid they’ll be treated differently and outcasted.

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