i admit it

While I’m on the topic of childhood fun, I’d like to take this time to admit to you all that I still watch Sesame Street sometimes.  Most recently, I’ve been watching in lieu of Good Morning America.  I was so saddened by the news that Diane Sawyer will be leaving GMA, that I jumped ship before she did.  There’s no team like Diane and Robin in the morning.  Honestly, I don’t know why she is doing this to us.  I understand that it’s a big deal for a woman to anchor network nightly news, and I’m happy for her to have gotten the offer…. but to ACCEPT it!?  Mornings will never be the same.



I digress.  Now, I don’t have the attention span to watch an entire Sesame Street, but I do like to check in and can be certain that it will make me smile.  I know I already went on and on about how much I love Jim Henson and all of his creative contributions to society.  It’s definitely the Henson characters that pull me in to the show.  I’ve noticed that as soon as they cut away to clips of “real life,” I tune out.  Groups of kids playing games, learning things, making crafts just doesn’t do it for me.  Never did. Looking back I think this reflects the social anxiety I suffered from as a child.  I was good one on one.  I was good using my imagination and pretending to be something other than I was.  But “threaten” me with a group of kids, and the butterflies in my stomach would begin to flutter like crazy.  That’s something I realized about myself while recently watching Sesame Street.  I’m sure it has something to do with the biracial.


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