not. hilarious.

or, “how things got this way.” or, “thank you, racist advertising, for so effectively screwing us up.”

I had never heard the “made at night” thing before reading the comments on the picture I posted last week.  “Funny” how that’s still going around all these years later.  Kind of reminds me of the time my three year old self was called tar baby by a fellow (white)toddler.  I don’t think this is an ad.  It’s probably from a children’s book (perhaps that commenter’s favorite childhood bedtime story.)  Even “better.”

These previous two are another reason why “light skin vs. dark skin dodgeball tournament” cannot be funny to me. Ever. I have answered my own question.  Not ok.

copy reads:
Jell-O is known to all sections as “America’s Most Famous Dessert.”  In the South, for instance, it is inexpensive enough to be found in the cabins of the old plantations.  It is delicious enough to meet the standards of good living at the “Big House.” It is dainty enough for milady’s afternoon tea.  It is appealing enough to turn the sinful, of any color, away from his neighbor’s melon patch.

Let’s break this down:

“cabins of the old plantations” = slave quarters.

“sinful of any color” = just kidding, we mean the darkys… get it?  melon patch! ha! they sure do love watermelon!

I, personally, have always hated jell-o.