i don’t twitter (or is it i don’t tweet on twitter?), but i am now officially obsessed with twistori!











Josh Catone of describes the site so well…

Twistori, according to the site, is the “first step in an ongoing social experiment.” Twistori pulls tweets from Twitter  containing specific keywords: i love, i hate, i think, i believe, i feel, and i wish. It then publishes the tweets it finds anonymously in a non-stop, auto-updating river of news. The result is a continuous stream of feelings from the Twitter community….. a stream of consciousness view of the Twitter emotional landscape.

right now i am glued to the wishes of twitterers. recent favs-

“i wish i had the guts to go to the store in my robe. but i don’t think i do.”

“i wish my mind had the courage to stop tearing me down. goodnight.”

“i wish my name was ariola.”  

you can check it out at