sunday comics

I have always loved Sunday comics. The first thing I ever read all by myself was a comic strip called “Henry.” I think. From what I recall, Henry usually didn’t speak. It was a “silent” comic strip. But on occasion there were words. And on one such occasion, I was “reading” (i.e. looking at the pictures) the comics by myself at the dining room table and I surprised myself by reading what Henry said that day. It was awesome. All of that to say, this popped up on my yahoo homepage today and I couldn’t resist sharing it. I can totally relate.



I notice it’s a little fuzzy. It says, “(sigh) _  I hate humidity.” And, yes, I read that all by myself 🙂


so this week was full(ish) of firsts for me.  i “washed” my hair for the first time this year. that doesn’t sound like a big deal i’m sure, and i suppose it isn’t really. 13 days and 7 work outs into 2009 i had to give up the (relatively) straight hair that i was enjoying, not only because it was dirty, but because i wanted to have fresh curls for my meeting with heidi. of course there was no hot water when i needed to wash my hair, but i was not going to let this ruin my master plan for curly-headed-ness that evening. i mean the water was luke-warm so how bad could it be? well, after i wet one side of my hair the water became ice-frickin-cold! but there is really no turning back after one side has been watered so…. i “washed” and rinsed and “washed” and rinsed then conditioned one side, repeat on the other. it was miserable. out of the arctic water with chattering teeth i applied product and made about 14 two-strand twists hoping to be rewarded with awesome curls. i had about 4.5 hours til the big meet-up. (p.s.the hot water came on about 45 minutes after my experience.) before i left i took the twists out and thought the curls were good. i was happy with them. fast forward to me getting home after spending a fantastic couple of hours with heidi and i noticed that my hair felt weird. it just wasn’t the normal first day of curls bouncy fresh feeling i was expecting. oh well, maybe it was the cold water? NOPE! i “washed” my hair with leave-in conditioner! it hit me as i noticed the mixed  chicks shampoo was still on top of the medicine cabinet where it has been sitting all year. omg! i still haven’t washed my hair this year!

the other firsts were taking the subway. i always enjoy doing this for the first time after a break from the train. i love the efficiency of the system. i love all of the people. yesterday i especially enjoyed being surrounded by people reading all sorts of things. the girl sitting in front of me (i was standing) was reading her script for thoroughly modern millie, the guy next to her was reading a theology textbook, the lady next to him was reading a chapter of something entitled “a stake in ownership”, and the woman standing next to me was reading suze orman. i just thought that was so cool. i am currently reading “the shack”, but wasn’t going far enough to need it on the train.

i got off the train and went to a starbucks to conduct my first interview of ’09. i initially met ms. sara alloy online and i had a great time meeting her in the flesh and hearing about her biracial experience and her take on things. i’ve got some editing to do, then it’ll be on youtube. thanks sara! mixed chicks productsimages-151