oh happy (loving) day

I love surprising intersections of the things I love the most.  Such as Volkswagen and Loving Day.  I’m not sure if I am more passionate about any other subjects.  That may be an exaggeration, but anyway I am super into VW as well as the progression of our society toward a more loving, open way of living.  Without Loving v. Virginia it is likely that there would be no me nor so many others. This is inspiring and undeniable progress for which I am grateful.

b:w beetles

That being said, you can imagine my delight when the Volkswagen ad below hit the circuit just in time for Loving Day- commemoration of the day that the Supreme Court declared interracial marriage to be legal nation wide with their verdict in the Loving vs. Virginia case.  48 years ago.  That was basically yesterday folks.  And though we’ve come a long-ass way in the last 48 years, we still have a long-ass way to go before we’re free from the fears and limitations and separations of race.  And our addiction to perceived otherness.  Can you imagine how lovely things might be if we defaulted to perceived sameness? Le sigh ❤

So here’s the Volkswagen commercial and here’s to normalizing blackness on the road to normalizing togetherness. Baby steps.



What we regularly see depicted in the media is often what we subconsciously regard as being normal. It’s hard to deny the influence that television and movies has had on impacting the way that people of color are viewed by society. As inconsequential as it seemed when the popular television series 24 featured a black man as the president, this depiction did undoubtedly condition a segment of the public to the idea that it was not inconceivable that a black man could be the President of the United States.

Although inter-racial dating is widespread, television continues to shy away from featuring this reality. That’s why it’s interesting to see Volkswagens choosing to promote this ad. We will be watching to see if other major advertisers follow suit. As any step to normalize how black families are depicted is a welcomed development.

Richard & MIldred in checked skirt and top Loving



Mildred and Richard Loving

(also pictured: their children Donald, Peggy, and Sidney.)

5 thoughts on “oh happy (loving) day

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  2. Hi Tiffany,

    nice piece. I really appreciate the Lovings and their sacrifice. What frustrates me is that the state of Virgina never even mentions that Mrs Loving herself is of a mixed background. Now I know it’s Virginia we’re talking about here but it’s yet another obvious case of someone being forcibly identified as black when they are actually mixed. According to the Encyclopedia Virginia Mildred was black and Indian and in her later life identified soley as Indian which I found interesting

    I have found that many black Americans are starting to find that the rumored great great Indian princess grandmother was actually white due to the increase of DNA testing (which only tests the maternal line but still.) Also after the 1700’s Native American/ black mixtures decreased due to access after reservation establishment though unions still still pevailed. She never mentioned a tribe which makes me skeptical to the claim but you never know. I’ve always thought she was black and white and recently read that her and her husband were actually cousins, don’t know how true that is. Have you ever heard anything about them being related?

  3. A rainbow
    Here you go

    Bi racial children Can not receive organ transplants. Dead within hours. All of them. Nature is cruel.
    But the bible is clear.
    Tobit 4:12

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